What are Twitter moments? Read to know.

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Twitter is certainly one of the most popular microblogging online platforms across the globe. The online platform’s user count has inevitably increased over the past few years. While Twitter’s rivals have grown immensely, the app has still maintained its rapport with consistent feature updates like Twitter moments.

What Are Twitter Moments
What Are Twitter Moments And How To Create One? 6

Twitter Moments: What are They?

Twitter moments are nothing but a vivid collection of tweets related to a specific topic or event. The best part about using Twitter moments is that they can be liked, tweeted, pinned, as well as embedded just like the normal tweets. As soon as you tap on a moment, you will notice a vivid collection of different tweets on the screen. Every moment is posted along with an introduction and a cover photo. You can relate a Twitter moment to a compilation article pretty easily.

Now that you basically know what are Twitter moments, it is time to focus on how to create one.

How to Create Twitter Moments?

Creating Twitter moments is no big deal! Follow these simple steps to create engagement any day:

What Are Twitter Moments
What Are Twitter Moments And How To Create One? 7
  • Step 1: Open the Twitter application on your mobile
  • Step 2: Go for the “Create New Moment” option (Include a title and description along with a cover photo)
  • Step 3: Now, add tweets that you believe are most relevant
  • Step 4: Then, arrange the tweets as per your relevance
  • Step 5: Lastly, click on the “Publish” tab to upload the Twitter moment. You can also save it as a draft by clicking on the “Finish Later” tab.

What will make the best tip for creating Twitter moments with a lasting impact?

It is usually recommended for all the Twitter moments feature users to keep them around 10 tweets long only. They also recommend feature users to include as many videos, photos, GIFs, and Vines. Why? Because that is what is going to engage the audience thoroughly with your Twitter content, and ultimately help you gain more followers on the platform.

Pro Tip: Keep the title short and also use the description to show a taste of your moments just right. It will help them keep the right expectations while your content will fulfill them honestly enough. Also, keep in mind that your cover photo is no less than an advertisement banner. So, choose one that will help you have an irresistible impact on your target audience.

How to include tweets to the Twitter moments?

What Are Twitter Moments
What Are Twitter Moments And How To Create One? 8

You can add tweets in four simple ways:

  • Liked Tweets: Selecting tweets that you have liked on Twitter previously
  • Tweets By Account: Filtering tweets from specific public or open Twitter accounts
  • Tweet Link: Easily copying the URL of a specific tweet and then adding it
  • Tweet Search:Searching tweets using hashtags or keywords, then finally adding the sorted ones

Ensure you know the perfect hashtag for adding to your moment before you add tweets to the moment. You can also add related hashtags to Twitter if you feel like it. This step will mainly help you figure out your target audience more deeply before creating engaging content for them.

What are the benefits of using Twitter moments?

Now that you know all about what are twitter moments and how to create one, you might want to also know some convincing benefits to use it more often. So, here are a few benefits of using Twitter moments just right!

  • Best Way to Promote Your Content on Twitter
  • Best Way to Promote Products on Twitter
  • Best Way to Host Prominent Twitter Events
  • Smart Way to Answer FAQs of Your Target Audience
  • Builds A Better Connection With Your Followers