What are Twitter cards? Read further to know.

When was the last time you viewed a commercial on Twitter or else read an article? Why we are asking this? Because we believe you have already interacted with Twitter cards. And these cards are probably what brought you on Twitter. So, knowing what are Twitter cards is quite essential. 

Twitter Cards: What Are They?

What are Twitter cards? They are nothing but a protocol that gives Twitter users the allowance to post interactive media. The different types of Twitter cards can be easily integrated with a few HTML lines along with your webpage. Any other Twitter user who links your content or tweet will get this card added to the Tweet. The card will then be visible to everyone who follows you. 

What are Twitter Cards
What Are Twitter Cards And How to Create Them? 4

Twitter cards also referred to as Twitter open graphs are useful tools that provide a detailed summary. The summary includes the following details:

  • Page Linked from A Tweet
  • Image from the Page Linked 
  • Twitter Account of the User Who Writes the Linked Page 

From photos, videos to any other type of media such as GIFs, Twitter card make a phenomenal option to drive more traffic to your Twitter account. And in turn, create an impactful social media presence across the platform.

What all types of Twitter cards exist?

Twitter cards are extremely beneficial for framing a successful marketing strategy. They can help develop an impactful brand presence on Twitter. Mainly, there are five common types of the Twitter card provided by the powerful developer platform, Twitter. These are as follows:

  • Summary Card: Summary card is usually used for news, blog posts, business-related tweets, and product pages. They give a proper content preview to your followers. Mostly a summary card displays the title, thumbnail image, and description. 
  • Summary Card With Large Image: Summary cards with a large image are no different than the regular summary Twitter card. The only difference is the size of the image. The larger image makes these Twitter card more compelling. It reaches target followers faster than ever. 
  • Player Card: Player cards are usually used for promoting streaming media. They are extensively used by Twitter users to display video or audio players inside their tweets. They make the best choice for promoting content such as podcasts and push Vines.
  • App Card: App cards are basically used for promoting apps on Twitter. They help in increasing the popularity of mobile apps and ultimately impact the install count just right. These cards highlight the app name, app description, app icon, rating, as well as price. Twitter might ask its users for their app IDs for gaining information on such apps.
  • Lead Generation Card: Lead generation cards make the best choice for connecting to potential customers through Twitter. From collecting information on prospective customers to people expressing their true interest in your business, these Twitter card can definitely be the right choice for business accounts and customers.

How to Create Twitter Cards?

Setting up a Twitter card takes less than 15 minutes. For setting up an optimal Twitter card begin with adding all the appropriate lines of code. Add them to your website’s <head> section accurately. Then, go on! 

What are Twitter Cards
What Are Twitter Cards And How to Create Them? 5

Choose the most suitable Twitter card to promote on your website. After that, add the correct URL and meta tags. Lastly, test the created tags through Twitter’s seamless validator tool. The last step ensures that you have completed the creation process efficiently and effectively. 

Remember, you can only have one Twitter card for one page. So, choose wisely. Once the validator tool approves your Twitter card it will be displayed below your Tweets successfully. 

Why are Twitter Cards Important for SEO?

Twitter cards are one of the most attractive Twitter features. They drive traffic to your website. From promoting your posts, and improving your brand to meeting your local SEO needs, using a Twitter card come with immense benefits. So, knowing all about what are Twitter card is is key.

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