Twitter bio ideas for brands to attract new followers
Twitter bio ideas for brands to attract new followers 3

Would you put a fair deal of thought into writing a innovative and engaging intro when it comes to the social media bios for your brand? When you've just handled it as an afterthought, or hurried to finish, there's a risk it may not be as good as it should be. Your Twitter bio is an incredibly important part of your social media identity while you may not know it.

Your Twitter bio is not only there to clarify what you're doing, but also to get your audience interested and make them want to learn more about your business. There are many ways to do this and we're here to give you some great bio ideas on Twitter to help connect and attract new followers, so let's start!

How to create an awesome Twitter Bio

The character limit for Twitter bio is 160 characters, so you have to pick your words carefully. Which word combination can you use to perfectly encapsulate the mission, offers and personality of your business? Lucky for you, we have a few bio ideas on Twitter to get you started:

1. Spice up your Twitter profile by adding a certain personality

Have fun on it. The brands who have the best Twitter results really let their personality shine, and that includes in their bio.

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Yet make sure you remain true to who the business is. For example, if your overall voice is very formal and clear, adopting a personality that is clearly not you clearly because you're on Twitter doesn't make sense.

If your brand does let some humor out of its voice, however, Twitter is the perfect place for you to really do that work.

2. Include keywords

The bio of your brand can be searched on Twitter, so you'd like to be sure to have some good keywords in it too. Words such as your business or your product / service offerings are ideal to be put in there strategically so that you can show up in the related search results.

3. Use hashtags sparingly

On Twitter there's an art of using hashtags. It may be necessary to include hashtags in your business bio but you should try to use them authentically. Instead of hashing #every other #word, you can use hashtags very sparingly. Including more than a few hashtags can look spammy, and the searchability is not always improved.

Instead, you should try to stick to using only hashtags for marks or promotions. Focusing on just 1-2 hashtags will boost the power of the brand / campaign, and also increasing the popularity of hashtags on Twitter quest for more followers.

Most companies have several Twitter accounts, such as a customer service site, a parent organization, a subsidiary or an associated charity. To create more interest for these accounts, and to let their followers know where else they can find company information, they can connect directly to those other accounts inside their bio.

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5. Play with emoji

Emoji are now pretty much their own language, so why not play alongside your words with a few of those to further reinforce and imagine your point? Nonetheless, it is important to be conscious of any double meaning which may have attracted the emoji you chose from common use. Check out this guide to grasp the meanings of those secret emoji.

6. End with a call to action

Let those who follow you know what to do next! Visit the place of your choice? Join in? Tweet any problems with your customer support?

If it's your Twitter bio or a social media post or an article, having a call to action is pretty much always a good idea.

Twitter bio examples and motivational ideas

Now that you know how to craft your awe-inspiring Twitter bio, it's time to get to the good stuff: get the creativity flowing with Twitter bio ideas. There are nine different forms other Twitter users have used the section's 160-character to highlight who they are and what their company is doing.

1. Be humorous

Brands are likely to let loose on Twitter. The voice they use on Twitter is also very different from the voice you'll find on posts on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Be intriguing

It can be a bit dry to talk about yourself or your business. In your Twitter bio aim to get up the ante by being enigmatic or fascinating.

How do you build anticipation or make your audience curious about what your brand still has to do? You'll want to use your bio to entice new users to follow you and get involved with your content.

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3. Be on brand

Using your profile on Twitter to reflect on you, and what you are doing. By providing some background information about your company, sharing your products / services or using your branded hashtag, you can accomplish that.

Staying on the site lets you remain true to your brand identity, letting new followers know if you are real.

4. Be promotional

Promote your profile on your Account! Some of the easiest ways of creating leads and potential clients on Twitter is by using promotional callouts.

5. Be succinct

You want to stop boring, unwanted mouthfuls. A Twitter bio with stuff like "Disrupting the communications industry" or "Lean startup shaking up the tech world" may sound trendy in your head, but the truth is that these buzzwords do nothing to make your bio more appealing. Know, only 160 characters are there to get the point across. You don't want to waste any room on pointless words!

6. Be personable

It is important to provide a human element in your copy, whether you are working on a Twitter bio for your own Twitter account or for your company's account. You want to be personable or connected in order to make your audience feel like they are really interacting with you and/or your company.

7. Be transparent

Being truthful and open as a brand is a great way to create loyal followers who trust your business and care about your brand. Sharing the causes and movements your company supports is a perfect way to show who you are as a brand.

Take and ride on these Twitter bio-ideas!

If your Twitter bio isn't as sexy as you think it should be, do some refresh. You can change your bio anytime you like, and check various copies to find out what's most successful. Take some time to review your bio and see if any of our tips can be applied to make your Twitter bio m