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Twitter account blocked - Things That You Need To Know 5

You have been spending quite a wonderful time on this winsome platform Twitter, and one fine day you noticed your Twitter account blocked. Feels bad right? Indeed, it does! Now there can be end number of reasons for which you might face this issue, but there’s nothing to be worried about! Check out this post and get to know about all that’s involved.  

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One of the most common situations which compel users to meet a suspended account is due to change in Twitter’s rulebook change, every now and then. Well, they don’t want to bother their huge user base; rather they aim to offer a secured and hassle-free experience to the greatest extent possible. 

Now, being a user it’s pretty hard to stay up to date with the following changes as we are engaged in our own world of interest on Twitter. But, this is when we perform something which goes against twitter’s rules unknowingly, thus, resulting in the suspension of our Twitter account.

After all, Twitter being a large social media platform uses an automated system that can occasionally and wrongly block your account. Being suspended for a prolonged period is not something we would want as it also endangers one's online presence. So, what to do if you get your Twitter account blocked?  Come let’s find out!

Twitter account blocked? Here’s the first thing you could do

Well, unlocking your Twitter account is something you can perform on your own. You can lay the first stone towards the process by troubleshooting your account. Start with logging in and answering prompts asking for your phone number and email confirmation. Once you are done with this process, it’s likely that your account might get unsuspended.

Still stuck? Try this out then!

So even after performing the previous method, you find your Twitter account blocked. Well, there are other methods too. The reason behind temporarily disabled accounts can be spammy or offensive behavior. Basically, a suspended Twitter account might be a result of two scenarios.

The first scenario is when an account is temporarily locked out for a certain period. While in the other case, it might seek verification of your information before you could access the account.  So, what to do? Let’s check!

Appeal in relation to twitter account blocked

You have the option of filing a Twitter suspension appeal if you aren’t able to unlock your account even after verification or waiting for a certain suspension period. Be clear if you don’t have any idea behind the reason for suspension. File an appeal with Twitter for reinstatement!       

Don’t have access to registered mobile number? Here’s what to do!

Here is a step-by-step guide to unlocking your account in a situation where you don’t have access to the registered email or phone number.

  • Use your username and password to log in.
  • If you see that a phone number is asked, click on the Options drop down at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on Help.
  • Keep scrolling and you’ll find ‘highlighted forms’ option.
  • Jot down the description of the issue which your facing
  • Cross check the email and username is corrected for the associated account. 
  • Type in a phone number which you currently have access to
  • Click on continue and do a confirmation that you are not a robot. 
  • Twitter will be mailing you with further steps so check your mail. 
  • If asked for, respond to the email as it’s a part of verifying that you have the access. 
  • Wait for a few hours or days! Usually you will get a response within few days.
what to do if twitter account is blocked

What Are the Possible Reasons for Getting a Twitter Account Blocked?

Twitter may block your account due to various reasons. Twitter prefers to maintain a safe environment for its users and they may go for an account suspension for violating the set rules and guidelines. The most common reasons look like the following.


Most of the Twitter account get blocked because they look spammy. In simpler words, if an account looks fake, Twitter considers it a risk for Twitter as well as other users. Besides, these accounts violate the set guidelines and rules of Twitter.

However, sometimes a genuine account may also get blocked by mistake and in such cases, Twitter takes every necessary action to solve the issue and get the account unsuspended.

Abusive Tweets

This is something that Twitter never entertains! If someone reports your profile as an abusive one, Twitter reserves all rights to suspend it. The abusive behavioral issues including sending threats, impersonating others’ accounts, and more. In such cases, Twitter may suspend your account temporarily or sometimes, permanently.

So, to avoid such unwanted scenarios and keep your online reputation unharmed, make sure, you never use your Twitter account for such activities.

Risk for Account Security

You may find your Twitter account blocked in case it experiences any serious security issues. For example, Twitter usually blocks the hacked accounts. In such cases, Twitter blocks an account for a certain time, until it’s secured and restored. Twitter takes this step to control possible malicious activities.

A Few Words on the Twitter Rules – Avoid Chances of Getting Twitter Account Blocked

The set rules of Twitter talks in detail about the circumstances that can lead to an account suspension or any other actions related to policy enforcement. So, it’s always a wise idea to check the rules once and accordingly handle your account.  It will help you in avoiding the chances of getting your Twitter account blocked.

Deactivating the Suspended Account

In case you want to deactivate your suspended account, you need to submit a request here. It’s easy and simple.

Hope this guide helps you with the info you were searching for.  So, stop worrying about your blocked Twitter account because now you’ve got the ways to restore it. It’s not a child’s play; it’s not rocket science though! Simply follow the mentioned steps and that would do.

However, as we all know, ‘prevention is better than cure’, always try to follow the Twitter guidelines so that your account never gets suspended.  Do you want some sort of help in increasing the follower count of your Twitter account? Click here and get it done!