Blocking on the platform is, in plain and simple terms, very easy. Users make use of the blocking rather very frequently. At the same time, who’s to blame when there are many fake and spam accounts on Twitter. But what do you do when you find yourself on the opposite side of the spectrum? With that in mind, here’s an article for you on how many people have blocked me on Twitter.


How Many People Have Blocked Me On Twitter
The Useful Methods On How Many People Have Blocked Me On Twitter 24

How Many People Have Blocked Me On Twitter?

If you’re hoping for a quick and simple way, there exists none. That’s because Twitter doesn’t offer any features that would help you check who blocked your account. And that causes a lot of inconveniences. But you’ll be ecstatic to know that there are ways through which you can find out exactly who blocked you. Thus, if that caught your attention, here are the methods on how many people have blocked me on Twitter.

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Stepwise Guide

The following steps are the same for all platforms. That includes mobile phones (android or iOS), desktops, laptops, or MAC.

Step 1: In the case of a PC, run the browser.

When that’s over, visit the official Twitter website.

If you’re using a phone, go ahead and tap on the icon of Twitter. In case you wish to make use of your phone browser, you can even choose to do that.

Step 2: By typing in the details, log in.

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Step 3: What you must do now is make a detailed list. 

It should contain the names/usernames of all the users who you think are capable of blocking you. It doesn’t matter who it is; just jot it down. It’s not like they will ever find out that you made such a list. 

Step 4: Here is the difficult and time-consuming part.

As mentioned earlier, there’s no direct way to find out all users who blocked you at once. Thus, the only option left is to check each user manually, one at a time.

Step 5: After preparing the list of the suspected users, go to your main feed. 

Head down below towards the bottom of your phone screen; you’ll see an icon with a magnifying glass. Tap on that. Doing so will direct you to the search page.

For desktop users, the search bar will be on the right section of their screen.

Step 6: Once you’ve found the respective spaces, tap/click once on the space given. It’s named “Search Twitter.” 

Step 7: Make use of the list and punch in the first username on the suspected users’ list.

Step 8: Once their profile shows up in the search, simply tap/click on it.

Step 9: The app will direct you to their profile. 

This is the moment of truth! If the user really did block you, it’ll show on their profile.

Steps to see who all blocked my Twitter account
The Useful Methods On How Many People Have Blocked Me On Twitter 25

And if they haven’t, you’ll be able to view their profile just like any other Twitter user’s account.

Thus, go ahead and search the usernames one by one to find out who all blocked you.

How Many People Did I Block On Twitter?

At the same time, Twitter does have a feature that allows you to see the users you blocked.

For that,

Step 1: Head to “Settings and privacy.”

Step 2: Select “Privacy and safety” by clicking/tapping on it.

Step 3: Click/tap on “Mute and block.”

Step 4: Select the first option on the list, that is, “Blocked accounts,” to view all the users you blocked.

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