Twitter is an online networking platform that allows users to interact with others. It allows users to share their opinions and ideas with a global community.

Additionally, the platform is now the most preferred way to keep in touch with friends, family, and even celebrities. But how can you know when someone on Twitter unfollows you? For those purposes, we prepared this guide on "who unfollowed me Twitter."

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The Ultimate Guide On Who Unfollowed Me Twitter 11

Who Unfollowed Me Twitter?

You shouldn't bother much when someone unfollows you. But losing followers from your social media, especially if you are running a business, can be disheartening.

Therefore, if you wish to gain more followers for your Twitter account, you can visit our website.

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The Ultimate Guide On Who Unfollowed Me Twitter 12

Twitter doesn't notify you when you get unfollowed. Thus, here are some tools that can help catch the imposter:


Circleboom is a comprehensive Twitter management tool that you can see who unfollowed you on Twitter easily. 


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  • You can spot fake, inactive, bot followers on Twitter.
  • You can track follower growth over time.
  • Find the best time to post on Twitter and other social media channels.
  • Set “Unfollowers Alert” and get immediate notification when someone unfollows you on Twitter.
  • Get detailed demographics and analytics about your Twitter followers and friends.
  • Know what your followers like with Twitter Interest Targeting.
  • The best Twitter list manager online.
  • Export your followers and friends into Excel, CSV, and PDF.


  • Total conformity with the latest Twitter API changes.
  • Mass tweet, retweet, and like deleting services
  • Practical dashboard
  • Safe connection
  • Circleboom also supports Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Business Profile.
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  • Free version is limited.


Followaudit is an AI-Based Twitter tracking tool. It is not just a tracking tool to check who unfollowed you. It is much more than that!


  • The tool checks fake, inactive, and spam followers of any Public Twitter account.
  • It will prepare for you a list of all the fake and inactive accounts.
  • The tool helps you track your follower growth stats.
  • You will get real-time alerts whenever someone unfollows your account.
  • The tool provides detailed analytics about your followers.
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  • The tracking tool offers a much more affordable plan compared to its competitors.
  • It also supports various features within the tool.
  • For those with inquiries regarding the tool, it has great customer service that is easy to reach.


  • The tool tracks only Twitter followers.

Unfollower Stats

With the help of unfollowed statistics, you can easily catch users who unfollowed you. At the same time, you can find out users who are not following you back.


  • The tool keeps track of your followers and the ones who unfollowed.
  • It also tracks your non-followers.
  • It keeps you informed about the followers you engage with the most.
  • The tool also has a blacklist. It manages accounts whom you don't want to see in non-followers or unfollowed lists.
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  • It keeps track of your followers. The tool also shows you who unfollowed you for free for users with up to 30K followers.
  • It has a white and blacklist feature.


  • Although there is a free version of the tool, you will have to deal with a number of advertisements.
  • The tracking unfollower feature is only available for Twitter.


Tweepi is one of the greatest tools. The interface is easy to use and helps you find your unfollowers as well as gain followers.

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  • It can help you find who your friends are following.
  • The tool has a feature that that helps you explore a Twitter list of your followers. You can also create a Twitter list of your own.
  • It will help you connect with users who follow similar accounts like yours.


  • It doesn't exceed the daily limit of unfollowing. Thus, it prevents you from getting blocked by Twitter for exceeding the limit.


  • The extra features with this tool come with a higher price tag as compared with other similar tools.
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This tool stays on the list of users that unfollowed you and new followers. It gives you the option to follow or unfollow as you see fit.


  • It helps you track your followers.
  • The tool tracks users who are not following you back.


  • The tool has a free version with access to all the features.


  • Similar to other tools, it only tracks your Twitter followers.