If you wish to use the platform to gain exposure for your brand, you mustn’t forego Twitter Impressions. Also, in case you want to get more fans on Twitter, go and visit our website.

Besides, it even allows you to check how much impact your tweets were able to make. However, that’s if you succeed in using it along with other features. Thus, to know more, continue to read through our article on what are Twitter Impressions.

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What are Twitter Impressions?

If you’re a brand owner, you must’ve heard about Twitter Impressions for sure. And in case you’re someone who just started their brand, it’s something that’ll help you out along the way.

Among the best metrics to test your brand’s popularity is through the shares and retweets. If users are sharing what you’re selling in their timelines constantly, your brand’s exposure is healthy. Thus, let’s dive into the crux of what are Twitter Impressions.

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Twitter Impressions

Say your brand is about selling churros. If other users are sharing tweets about your brand a number of times in a month, that’s a success. As the owner, you would wish for people to know your brand, especially in the food world.

Hence, that further requires you to make use of other metrics too. Doing so will boost your brand and make your products even more relevant. But in this article, our sole focus will be on everything related to Twitter Impressions.

Users can make use of the metric at their disposal. But to do so, the platform requires you to make certain changes in your settings. These changes pertain to analytics and native tools.

In addition, the native tools include the dashboard that lets you find out the Twitter activity around your brand. Before anything else, let’s learn how to access and use these tools.

How to Access Twitter Analytics?

For now, you can only access Analytics from a desktop computer, laptop, or MAC. The feature is not yet available on the Twitter mobile app.

Step 1: Using the browser, head to Twitter’s official website.

Step 2: Login, in case you’ve not done so.

Step 3: On your main feed, head to the left section of your desktop screen. You’ll see a list of options.

Step 4: Tap on “More.”

Step 5: Another list of options will pop up. From there, tap on “Analytics.”

Step 6: On doing so, the interface will direct you to a new page. Now, click on “Turn analytics on.” And that’s it!

How to Access Impressions through Tweets?

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The Perfect Guide On What Are Twitter Impressions 4

Step 1: Run the official website of Twitter using your browser. Log in if you’re not already logged in.

Step 2: The next step is to go to your profile section. For that, either click on your display picture or “Profile” in the left section.

Step 3: Scroll down and check out the tweets you posted. You’ll see a small graph icon below your tweet.

Step 4: Click on that to access a summary of your Twitter Impressions.

How to Increase Your Twitter Impressions?

·       Post better content.

The reason why your tweets aren’t getting a lot of exposure could be because of the quality of your content. Thus, focus on better quality media to attract more traffic to your tweets.

·       Variety is key.

Your audience wishes to see variety. An efficient rule to keep in mind is that only 20 percent of your content should be on your brand. The rest can be on topics such as memes, news on the brand industry, and so on.