As the years go on, social media has become increasingly ingrained in our daily lives. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are now immersed in our environments. But one question remains unanswered, which of these platforms is the best for professional growth? You may get a mixed answer of LinkedIn and Twitter.

LinkedIn provides more of a professional landscape for professionals who work together linked to the same profession or company. On the other hand, Twitter has been branded as one of the top platforms for the promotion of business and branding. Twitter can be termed as a microblogging platform, where professionals can tweet and share any personal information, promote their business, branding content and get in touch with each other.

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Once you decide that you want to use Twitter to market your business and establish an online brand,  the next thing you should do is to research its features and how you can utilize them for the productive growth of your business. One of the features Twitter offers is a ‘followers’ tab. Twitter is a platform where you can follow brands, people and trends occurring around you and similarly, people can follow you and your content

Twitter Followers
The Paramount Importance of Twitter Followers for your Business 6

Your Twitter branding and growth of your business market depends on the way you utilize your Twitter account and most importantly, the spread of your audience i.e. the number of followers your Twitter account has. Having a large number of followers on Twitter not only increases your market but also reflects the online popularity of your business.

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Here we have highlighted the major reasons why Twitter followers matter for your business:

Brand Awareness

Having a large number of Twitter followers can advantage your business in ways you cannot imagine. Twitter, if used smartly can enhance your brand’s image significantly. The more followers you have, the more people will get to see you what your brand is all about. In addition to this, it is mandatory to remain active on Twitter and post consistently.

post consistently.
The Paramount Importance of Twitter Followers for your Business 7
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Promotion of Your Services and Products

Through the content you post on your Twitter profile, you can easily promote your services and products to your customers. To help your business promotion achieve a fairly large reach, it is important to have a large amount of followers.

It is also significant to realize the importance of the content you post on your Twitter. Make sure to not post excessively and make your posts aesthetically pleasing and concise at the same time. This will ensure that your followers do not get irritated with your brand posts.

Twitter profile
The Paramount Importance of Twitter Followers for your Business 8

Better Engagement

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A large audience on Twitter enhances the customer-provider relationship. Posts that correlate well with your brand will help you get more responses from your followers. If you actively respon[MM4] d to their queries and feedback, you can develop constructive relationships with your users.

Sales Growth

It is evident that the more people you reach through your Twitter, the more chances there are for sales growth. Every business wants to enlarge its audience when it is about to launch a new product or promote a new deal in order to compete with its competitors.

One way of gaining a large number of followers for your particular business profile is to research the followers of your competitor’s business profile. Social Quant is a tool that quickly increases your relevant Twitter followers by using data and analytics to find suitable users and conversations. Another way you can help your Twitter brand profile gain a good following is by promoting your profile among your social circle and request people and friends to share your profile.

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Sales Growth
The Paramount Importance of Twitter Followers for your Business 9

Enhances SEO

A large number of Twitter followers will have a positive impact on the Search Engine Optimization of your brand and its image. A large audience will lead to the better promotion and distribution of your brand name, content and services. The more often you post, the better will be the chances of your posts getting shared by your followers. This will eventually lead to a strong online visibility of your business and brand over the internet.

Increases Web Traffic

It is important to receive constant feedback and response on your posts and blogs; this can be achieved through a large number of people paying attention to your business content i.e. by having a massive web traffic. Twitter followers can help you achieve a significant amount of resharing and feedback on your content.

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The Google-Twitter partnership is another factor to consider when working towards brand promotion. A Google Search related to a brand or hashtag shows a result comprising of several top Twitter accounts and their tweets. This is possible due to the fact that these Twitter accounts have a large following. The massive share and promotion of their content by their enormous audience gives an unimaginable boost to their web traffic and brand growth.


Twitter is a platform with unique capabilities and features. It is full of opportunities for your business growth and establishment of your online brand face. It is a free social media network allowing both consumers and businesses to let loose, proactively mingle with each other, and interact in order to build a professional relationship with one another. We hope that this article has been successful in establishing the importance of Twitter followers for your business growth. In addition to this, a platform like Twitter has many other important features which act as the deciding factors between a successful and a worthless brand profile. Strategizing, experimenting, implementing and being consistent with your engagement on Twitter can do wonders for your online brand

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