We all got those sets of followers who we are following just because we’re obligated. On top of that, they may be even sending you tweets that they think are “funny.” Of course, you’ll have to do your bit and reply to what they are throwing at you. But what if there was a way? That’s where our well-prepared article on how to soft block on Twitter comes into play.


How To Soft Block On Twitter
The Flawless Guide On How To Soft Block On Twitter 24

How To Soft Block On Twitter?

If you’re blocking a user, they will get to know for sure (who won’t? You “Blocked” them). And that might not bode for you that well, especially since you know them outside of Twitter. Besides, if you wish to get more followers on Twitter, go to our website.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, soft blocking is blocking, but at the same time, it’s not. That is, you’re blocking them in such a way that it makes it seems like they unfollowed you. So, in a way, you’re forcing them to unfollow. We’re pretty sure by now you’re really hoping to know how to do that. Thus, without further ado, here’s how to soft block on Twitter

Mobile App Users

Step 1: Unlock your mobile phone and run the Twitter app. 

Step 2: Once your app starts, log in if you’re not logged in already. 

Step 3: At this point, you’ll be on your main feed. Head to the top left corner of your phone screen. You’ll see three lines stacked horizontally over each other. Tap once on that. 

Step 4: On doing so, a tray of options will drift in from the left side of your screen.

Now, you have two choices. Either tap on “Profile” and then on “Followers,” or you can directly access “Followers” from the list of options. The latter is a quicker method.

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Step 5: The app interface will direct you to the list of your followers. 

Go ahead and search for the user you wish to soft block.

Step 6: Once you find that user, tap once on their profile picture or username. Either way achieves the same result.

Step 7: Head to the top right corner of your mobile screen. 

You’ll notice “…” there. Tap on that. 

Step 8: Another list of options will dropdown. 

Simply tap on “Block @username of the user” to block them. Upon doing so, the app interface will ask you to confirm your action. Tap on “Block.”

Step on how to soft block on Twitter
The Flawless Guide On How To Soft Block On Twitter 25

Note: In the case you wish to block the user and not soft block, you stop here.

Step 9: In order to soft block, stay on the page where you are right now. 

Tap on “Blocked.” A notification will pop up from the bottom of the page. Tap on “Unblock @username.” 

Desktop/Laptop/MAC Users

Step 1: Head to the official Twitter website by using your browser.

Step 2: Log in, in case you’re logged out.

Step 3: From the right section, select “Profile” by clicking on it.

Step 4: Click on “Followers.”

Step 5: Look for the user you wish to soft block.

Once you find them, click on their display picture/username.

Step 6: Click on “…”

Step 7: From the list of options, select “Block @username.” Also, confirm your action by clicking on “Block.”

Step 8: To soft block, stay on the page and click on “Blocked.” 

Step 9: Finally, simply click on “Unblock” to soft block the user.

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Note: If you’re quick enough, you’ll be able to soft block as soon as you tap/click on “Block @username.” That is, the interface will give you a small pop-up notification bar to undo your action.