Are you trying to figure out how to gain many followers on Twitter? You're not the only one who feels this way. In fact, after Twitter announced its new features, users are now rushing to the online platform in greater numbers than ever. Businesses and creators will start competing to grow their social media following. So, if you want to know how to gain followers on Twitter, this article is for you.

But before we start, let's discuss Twitter's features and why it's the platform to gain followers. Also, our website offers the easiest answer to how to gain Twitter followers.

Gain Followers On Twitter
The Complete Guide On How To Gain Followers On Twitter 4

Twitter Upcoming Features

Twitter is releasing features that rival the best feature on every other platform.

  • Similar to Instagram Stories, Twitter has a feature called fleets. Twitter is rolling out a new feature called Ticketed Space which is the exact same thing as clubhouse communities.
  • Twitter is also going to take on Facebook groups. The social media platform is going to have its own groups and communities directly on the platform.
  • The platform will also release a feature called Super Follows. If you a large following, you can charge people to follow you and see certain tweets of yours. It's a feature that is going to rival Patreon, where people are paying creators for their information.
  • They also rolled out a built-in newsletter platform to rival Sub Stack. Sub stack allows you to create paid new email newsletters. So, the platform's new feature will help you to create your own newsletter directly on the platform.
  • Twitter is also testing the eCommerce feature. That means you can directly buy products and services right off the platform.
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steps to gain Twitter followers
The Complete Guide On How To Gain Followers On Twitter 5

How To Gain Followers On Twitter?

·        Engage with people daily.

Engage with people three to five times per day. You will need to like, comment, retweet and just engage with other people. Show interest with other users that you resonate with. And if you're commenting on people's threads, make sure to add something to the conversation. You can share your personal input or values about the topic. And that is how you grow an audience by engaging with people. It is the most organic way to do so.

·        Make Categorized Lists

Make a categorized list of different industries and different areas that you want to learn more about. For example, you can include writers, tech founders, email marketers, personal finance, content creators, and much more.

Create a list of different categories. These lists will make it easy for you to filter out only the information that you want to see.

·        Take time to learn daily.

Spend time learning every day. You should be learning new skills, ideas, and insights. There needs to be a constant stream of new ideas and knowledge flowing into your brain. It'll help you create new content and new products.

You can do so by following people who are in the same field as you. Make use of their interviews, listen to podcasts, read books from people who are where you wish to be.

It's also vital to make it a habit to pick up new skills. The content you learn doesn't always need to be in business. You need to give yourself a chance to increase the amount of knowledge that you have. Add on to the number of ideas and insights that you can share with your audience on Twitter. When you have the system for learning new things, you're also going to have a way to share new content.

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