2007 was the year that witnessed the emergence of hashtags. Since then, hashtags have become a regular feature in just about anything on social platforms.

Hashtags are useful for election campaigns, sports events, Instagram, or anything related to promotions. Not to forget, hashtags offer a very efficient method to bring certain topics to light.

Therefore, without further ado, we present to you the best guide on what are hashtags on Twitter.

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What are Hashtags on Twitter?

When the wave of Twitter started to pick up the pace, hashtags were one of the things users knew it for. In simple terms, there are two components to hashtags.

The first part of a hashtag has to do with the “#” symbol. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Twitter made the symbol famous. Its effect was evident in the way that even Instagram users started using these symbols.

In addition, the phrase that follows the symbol is the second component that completes it.

Today, it forms an intrinsic feature of Twitter. Thus, what are hashtags on Twitter? These are any types of phrases or words with the symbol # in front of it. Also, if you wish for more Twitter followers, go to our website.

hashtags on twitter

Benefits of Using Hashtags

Simply, hashtags offer a very efficient and simplistic way to categorize or group tweets. It’s a very good strategy to keep people engaged. That’s because by using hashtags, users are able to check topics that are relevant to them.

Therefore, hashtags also serve the purpose of filtering out tweets that users aren’t interested in.

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Besides, through hashtags, users are able to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. Thus, it helps users save a lot of time. That’s because they don’t have to scroll past the entire feed to find relevant topics.

Not only that, it offers a platform for like-minded users to have a discussion on the platform.

It’s particularly useful for brands who wish to drive more engagement through their tweets. They can make use of hashtags, which, in turn, result in more click-rates, replies, favorites, retweets, and so on.

Needless to say, the services it provides are useful to increase a brand’s exposure.

Tips on Using Hashtags

You can post hashtags in the same way you upload tweets on Twitter. The difference lies in how you do it and the result, of course. But if you wish your hashtags to have a chance under “Trending,” here are some tips for you.

Avoid Punctuations and Spaces

It’s a mistake a lot of users commit when they first start using hashtags. At the same time, even veteran hashtag users are very much prone to it. Users who like to be grammatically correct are the ones who mostly find themselves in this category.

However, in this case, if you end up making use of punctuation in your hashtag, it simply won’t work.

Say you wish to start a hashtag about saving the planet Earth. So you choose the hashtag “#earth’s our home.” If you don’t see it, let’s tell you what all is wrong with that hashtag.

Firstly, there shouldn’t be any type of spacing between the words in the phrase you’re using. Secondly, it should be “earths” and not “earth’s.” Thus, the correct way to use the hashtag would be “#earthsourhome.”

Use Multiple Hashtags

In general, there’s no bar on the number of hashtags you can employ in your tweet. At the same time, Twitter advises its users to use a maximum of 2 hashtags in a single tweet.