Twitter contests are a tried and true marketing hack that can get a lot of traction very quickly. People are sometimes more ready to repost a tweet than they are to share it on other sites. A Twitter contest is a great way to get some new followers and engage with the ones that you have. And if you do it strategically, the results will benefit your business long after the contest is over. So, if you're looking to beef up your Twitter presence, here's how to do a giveaway on Twitter.

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How To Do A Giveaway On Twitter
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How To Do A Giveaway On Twitter

·        Identify The Giveaway Goal

The very first thing that you need to do is you need to know the goal of the giveaway. Why are you doing the giveaway? Are you doing it just to give back to your existing followers? Is it because you want to gain followers?

If that is the case, then be very careful with this. Although followers are really important, having followers doesn't necessarily mean anything. There can be times that running a giveaway on Instagram might hurt your brand and your account. So, make sure you are clear about the giveaway goal so that way you know how to frame your giveaway. And remember, the goal for your contest will be unique to your business, so don't imitate others.

·        Identify The Prize

The type of contest you choose also should be in line with your giveaway goals. Choosing a prize also deserves considerable thought. This can be something related to your brand, such as gift certificates to your business. It can also be free products from your business or even special store credit. Or it could just be something unrelated to your brand, perhaps a gift card.

Whatever the prize is, pick it and make sure that it's explicitly called out and stated in your giveaway.

·        Establish Entry Criteria

One of the most vital steps is how to enter. You need to put forth the criteria that the people need to do to enter to gain a spot. In that regard, a very common method is to like, retweet, and follow. Keep in mind that if you have higher barriers to entry, you may have fewer people entering.

Every giveaway should have a bonus to retweet the post a certain number of times. You should also make retweeting optional, not the requirement. And if you up the ante with the number of entries, people are going to be willing to do that more. In the end, they want a higher chance to win.

·        Establish The Type of Giveaway

Make it very clear how you will choose the giveaway winner. This goes back to how you set up your giveaway. The type of contest you choose also should be absolutely based on your goals.

Is it more of sweepstakes where anyone who enters gets an entry, and then it's a random draw from there? Or is it more of a contest where you have to do something? The participants can maybe create a video, do a post and use the hashtag. Then from there, you can pick a winner based on merit.

You need to establish the type of video clearly. Plus, ensure that the people who are entering or following you know that. This will keep you out of trouble because you don't want to make it seem like it's a random draw when it's not.

Methods on how to do a Twitter giveaway
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