If you are a new business owner developing a marketing plan for your business, you probably have been advised to devise a social media marketing plan as well. The social media branding of any business is done through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and most importantly, Twitter!

It’s time to answer the frequently asked question of how to make a quality twitter profile. If you are fairly new to twitter, then it might seem a simple platform to you – a notification pops up in front of you showing someone just followed you and you probably end up following them back. After a considerable amount of time on twitter, using your personal profile or your brand profile, you will realize the bits and pieces of twitter which are of significant importance. These are deciding factors between a strong and weak twitter profile.

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Why do twitter followers count? Because the more followers you have, the greater is the chance your brand marketing post will be read by many people. And if your post or message is a good one, it will have a greater chance to of initiating a viral twitter trend. Similarly, it is consequential to realize the main idea behind following a large number of people. You don’t want to end up making a twitter profile following thousands of accounts and still lacking content to promote on it.

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Hence, it is of critical importance to maintain a balance between the number of accounts you follow and your followers. After all, quality and quantity both matter.

First Impression is the last impression

Experts say it is the first six seconds in which a user decides upon seeing your brand profile whether to follow you or not. Obviously, the first thing a user notices is the profile photo. Is it your brand logo? Is it your own picture or is it a random image? All these factors affect the user’s judgement about you and your brand’s authenticity.

The next most important aspect which the user notices is the figure your profile shows, starting from your number of followers and number of accounts you follow. Numbers do speak. If your following number is quite large as compared to the number of accounts that follow you, it gives off a weak impression of your profile. It makes you one of those twitter users who just randomly follow a lot of people without paying much attention or without having any personal interest in the accounts.

Hence, you should really pay close attention to the first impression your profile gives and in the first six seconds communicate to the user that I deserve to be followed!

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Be sure not appear as a Twitter bot!

Twitter over the years has been facing challenges to authenticate the accounts active on its platform. The rise of Twitter bots has added to the lack of trust of users. Spam, fake and multiple accounts belonging to the same person or business have led to an ambiguous picture of authenticity.

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It is important to make sure that your business profile does not end up seeming like a bot to the users or twitter itself. This will not only result in criticism but may also lead to a Twitter ban. Identifying a twitter bot is quite easy. If you follow a huge number of accounts, say 400k and few thousands of them follow you back then it means two things. Either you are a twitter bot working as a mass following account or you are an authentic user but due to your lack of activity and engagement you don’t have followers. Either way you are not giving a reasonable reason to a new user to follow your account.

In some cases, there are accounts that have huge followers to following ratio. Such accounts give an interesting impression to the user and speak volumes about their content.

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Understanding the psychology behind Twitter following

Admit it or not, it is not easy to get everything right. Without a plan, if you try to attract maximum number of followers and develop a balanced following vs follower ratio, you might end up with an uninteresting twitter account.

If you see a twitter notification popping up and displaying that someone just followed you, it is quite flattering. However, if you are one of the 200k accounts that account follows, then you would not be flattered anymore. It would seem that the user has no interest in what your profile has to offer or has randomly followed your profile without even looking at it.

That is the psychology of most of the Twitter users. It is important to flatter the users because after all, it’s a two-way street. If you don’t flatter the users, then do not expect to be flattered.

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Hopefully, this article has made you acknowledge the critical importance of a twitter following and how delicate the correct ratio between the accounts following and being followed is. Hence, this is our advice to you if you are a twitter user working to market your personal brand or business on twitter – pay close attention to all the features of twitter and most importantly make your followers/following numbers appealing.            

It is only a matter of few seconds when a user decides whether to follow you or not. We hope you end up developing an engaging brand profile that compels the user to choose the former option!