image 392 Nine methods on how to grow Twitter followers
Nine methods on how to grow Twitter followers 4

The key to a successful Twitter account is to post consistently. Having a regular cadence for your audience to read, react to and even share with others is what popularizes your page.

Although Twitter can be seen as a place where it is more text-based than visual-based, it is good to post visuals every once in a while to keep your followers interested.

This article will talk about some of the best tried and true tips on how to grow Twitter followers.

how to grow Twitter followers
Nine methods on how to grow Twitter followers 5

It is an essential step to figure out what is trending on Twitter at the moment. Find all the related keywords or hashtags that correspond with your content, brand, or business. Using such hashtags will help you get more online visibility, and potential followers can find you easily when searching your hashtag.

Creative and worthy content:

Twitter is a place for creativity to come to life. Valuable content is what gets people hooked on your account and keeps them anticipating more. People tend to unfollow accounts that do not post relatable or worthwhile content. Therefore, you must choose to create content, be it text, photos, or video, meaningful and unique. 

Consistency is key:

It helps keep your account updated and up to date, and relatable. By giving your audience something to look forward to, you harness a loyal audience who will always be there to support you. You can also make use of online calendars and schedules to help you plan out your posts efficiently.

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Engage with other influencers:

It is vital to form a social circle of other influencers who fall into your same niche. Build strong connections with them by engaging with their content, sharing, and retweeting them. This will help you grow your credibility as well as widen your audience reach.

Connect people from other platforms:

Please use your other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram to promote your Twitter page and have them follow you there as well. Add links and follow buttons for your followers from these social media platforms that lead them to your Twitter account.

Followers campaign:

Run a followers campaign to garner more followers for your page. These campaigns help promote your account through advertisements. This is a cost-effective method for earning more followers.

Time your posts carefully:

Choose the correct time to post. Many of your valuable posts may go unnoticed or may get buried in the sea of other tweets when you post at the wrong time. Use Twitter analytics to research the perfect time for you to post. This will show you when your followers are most active; hence, increasing engagement on your page.


Your aim for each post should be to get more retweets. For this, you need to put up unique, relatable, and valuable content that followers see as a post that needs to be retweeted. This will gain you more online visibility. Tweets that are more likely to get retweeted tend to be sympathetic, those that offer some awareness, and even humorous posts.

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You can also run retweet contests that help your posts get more retweets. These contests usually run with a reward like skype calls direct messages, and even meet and greet sessions. 

Follower-following ratio:

It is crucial to maintain an excellent follower to following ratio. If your following count is way more than your followers count, you may come off as a suspicious bot account. Or potential new followers won’t see you as a worthy user to follow.

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