For users who are very active on the platform, the term “shadow banning” isn’t something new. The term is gaining traction not only on Twitter but across various social media platforms, including Instagram. In very simple terms, when a user’s shadowbanned, you cannot engage with anyone at all. Besides, if you’re not familiar with the term, it can get pretty confusing. That’s why we prepared this article for you on what is shadow banning on Twitter.

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What Is Shadow Banning On Twitter
Most Helpful Guide On What Is Shadow Banning On Twitter 5

What Is Shadow Banning On Twitter?

The very first thing that makes you think whether you’re shadowbanned is a sudden complete silence on the platform. As mentioned earlier, Twitter users aren’t the only possible victims of shadow banning. Users who make use of other social media platforms are equally prone to it. Your profile and the contents within your account disappear for other users in the case of shadow banning. 

That is, you’ll still be able to message, reply, and even tweet to your followers. The catch here is that they just won’t be able to view any of those tweets and messages. That holds true, especially in the case of getting shadowbanned on Twitter. 

Besides, one of the quickest ways to figure out if you’re shadowbanned is through engagements. Say you used to receive a lot of likes and replies to your tweets and even messages from your friends. But suddenly, you notice that you don’t get any likes and replies to your tweets or messages. In such situations, it would be quite right to wonder if your account got shadowbanned. 

Also, if you wish to get more Twitter likes or retweets, you can visit our website. Besides, to completely know what is shadow banning on Twitter, continue reading.

Twitter’s Standpoint

Officially, Twitter came out with a statement stating and denying the accusations in case of shadow banning. It completely affirmed to Twitter users that the platform doesn’t shadow ban anyone. 

An incident regarding drones that happened back in 2015 is apt to mention here. Some top-secret documents and data got out when a few drone users flew their tools over a restricted area. Of course, these drone users were Twitter users, and that was a good opportunity for them. But once they uploaded the data they got, the users claim they got shadowbanned by Twitter. That’s because they weren’t able to engage with any of their followers at all. 

Besides, according to the platform’s terms, Twitter is the ultimate regulator of content. In that regard, it has the right to restrict whatever content the platform thinks fits, based on the terms. Thus, the ambiguity of the terms makes it possible for Twitter to do what it’s denying.

What Happens In Case Of Shadow Banning?

Let’s say you think you got “shadow banned,” what’s next?

Firstly, you need to confirm whether your account really did get shadowbanned or not. For that, check the following points.

  • As mentioned earlier, your first go-to sign is to check your engagements. If, indeed, Twitter shadow banned you, your engagements will drop.

Also, it’ll be a gradual process. It won’t suddenly drop to zero. During this time, you’ll begin to lose out on interaction slowly. The number of your replies and retweets will start dropping.

  • Besides, you can make use of a third-party website to check whether the platform shadowbanned you. The name of the website is “” 

In order to use it, you simply need to type in your username and then click on “Check.” 

Steps to shadowban users on Twitter
Most Helpful Guide On What Is Shadow Banning On Twitter 6