Did you get your account suspended and you don’t why? Join the ranks of many other users who’re facing the same problem as you. Yes, there are many users who often violate Twitter guidelines because they are simply unaware of it. For that part, you can put some blame on the platform for their constant updates on guidelines. For that reason, we’re here with our guide on how to unsuspend Twitter accounts.

How To Unsuspend Twitter Account
Most Failproof Guide On How To Unsuspend Twitter Account 3

How To Unsuspend Twitter Account?

Many a time, Twitter doesn’t alert users of any changes in their terms. That causes a lot of inconvenience and frustration for Twitter users. That’s because ultimately, if by any chance they violate these newly updated guidelines, they face suspension. For brands and online businesses, suspensions directly affect their standings in the competitive markets. They lose out on their set earnings and traffic, among many other aspects. 

Since these suspensions can last from twelve hours to a week at max, it may drive you nuts. That’s especially true if you’re not at fault. Besides, if you hope to get more likes or retweets on Twitter once you unsuspend your account, pay us a visit. Thus, without further ado, here are the methods on how to unsuspend Twitter account.

Verify to unsuspend your Twitter account.

The first step pertains to those accounts whose violation severity level is low. At the same time, no one knows how severely they violated the terms. Thus, it’d be a good idea if you try out the method regardless. 

Step 1: If you’re making use of a browser, run whichever browser you’re making use of. After you do that, head to the official Twitter website.

In the case of mobile phone users, simply run the Twitter app.

Step 2: Once you’re on the domain of Twitter, log in by entering your credentials in the spaces provided. 

Step 3: When you’re done entering your details, tap/click on “Login.”

If the interface prompts you to verify your account, that’s a really good sign. But in case it doesn’t, that means your term violations are more severe.

Step 4: Users who fall in the former category verify your account by making use of your email ID or number. 

Follow through all the steps carefully. You’ll be able to unsuspend your Twitter account. 

Unsuspend For Severe Violations

This method concerns those users who fall under the category of severe term violations. You may make use of the Twitter app or any browser. We’ll discuss the steps by employing a browser since it’s more convenient.

Step 1: Run the browser you use. Head to the official website of Twitter.

Step 2: Once you’re on the Twitter website, enter your credentials to log in.

Since your account’s suspended, you’ll get a Twitter prompt.

Steps to unsuspend a Twitter account
Most Failproof Guide On How To Unsuspend Twitter Account 4

Step 3: Tap/click on “Start.” 

Step 4: Once you do that, go ahead and select “Continue to Twitter” by clicking/tapping on it.

Here, you might be able to receive a prompt for verification. It’s vital that you follow through with the verification process. It’ll further help you in unsuspending your Twitter account. If you decide not to verify your account, you won’t probably get a second chance.

Step 5: Once you’re logged into your account, get rid of all the tweets that you think are violating the terms.

Use Twitter’s “Help Center.”

If none of these methods work out for you, try your luck at Twitter “Help Center.” File your appeal and be honest about it.