How to Sign Up for Twitter
How to Sign Up for Twitter 14

We are currently in a digital space whereby most communications are done online through various social media platforms. Twitter happens to be one of the most popular sites. It offers a platform for microblogging, where Twitter users can post and interact using tweets. In case you are having trouble signing up for twitter, you are in the right place. We shall offer a step by step guide to sign up for Twitter on the web.

Step by step guide on how to create a twitter account for the web

  • Open any web browser that you feel comfortable using; it might be Chrome, Opera, Bing, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser.
  • Visit and go to the signup box.
how to create a twitter account for the web
  • Click on the signup box, and you will come across a section where you are supposed to fill in your details. You can either sign up using your phone number or email address. Fill in, the one that best suits you.
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sign up using your phone number or email address
  • After you fill in your details, click on the next step. Twitter provides you with a chance to customize your experience. You can reject or approve depending on what you find convenient. After you are done, proceed to the next step.
customize your experience
  • The next step is account verification. If you signed up using email, twitter sends you a verification code. The same applies if you signed up using your phone number.
account verification
  • After the account verification, the next step will involve setting your Twitter password. Come up with a password that is easy for you to recall, but difficult for others to come up with. This can be a security measure in ensuring that you protect your account.
setting your Twitter password
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  • After setting the password,  proceed to the next step. Here you will be required to put your profile picture. However, it's optional; hence, you can skip the stage if you do not want to put a profile picture at that moment. 
put your profile picture
  • The next step requires that you provide a brief description of who you are. This is an interesting section where you get a chance to say something about yourself, and allow others to get a sneak peek of who you are. Like the previous step, this section is also optional. You can always come back later and give information about yourself.
give information about yourself
  • At this point, twitter allows you to search for people that you know so that you can follow them. It provides you with a chance to upload contacts to see if they are on twitter. If you are not comfortable uploading your contacts, you can ignore and proceed to the next step. As a new member, you want to start looking for followers and at the same time, start following individuals', companies, and businesses of your interest. Keeping in mind that this is an interactive platform, you can follow as many twitters handle as you would like.
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follow as many twitters handle
  • In the next step, you can share your interests and find people with the same views, as it allows you to personalize your Twitter experience. This is still an optional segment, and you can proceed to the next step without filling in the details.
allows you to personalize your Twitter experience
  • At this stage, you get suggestions for the accounts that you can follow. If you fill in the interest section, you will come across pages that are in line with your interests. This is also an optional section; you can proceed without filling it.
  • In case you want to receive the latest updates or get any information concerning your account, you can turn on the post notification.
turn on the post notification
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At this point, you are officially on twitter.

officially on twitter

While signing up note that;

  • You can only use one email address for a single twitter account.
  • The email address used is treated as confidential information, and it is not visible to other twitter users.

In case you experience some trouble signing up, the browser you are using might be the problem. It might be an outdated version, hence does not support the process. You can quickly update your browser to the latest version and start the signing up process.

After you sign up, you can select your username. Your username is what identifies you to other people on twitter. As they send direct messages, mentions, and replies, they get to use your username. The username can be 15 characters or less. It must not necessarily be your actual name; twitter gives you a chance to get creative and chose a name that best pleases you. As long as there is not twitter user that goes by the same name, you can go ahead and use it. You can also change your username if the current no longer suits you. 

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Twitter is a great social networking site. If you are yet to sign up, now is the perfect time to get on board. With the steps provided, you can quickly sign up for twitter.