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How to Sign Up For Twitter 11

Whenever there’s a thought of growing our blogs or even our social presence, Twitter is the platform that we surely want to elect. Unlike other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter doesn’t carry a majority of fun videos and images, but rather it’s the text content that plays the game. With over 200 million users at present, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms. About 80% of the users use Twitter on mobile devices and the vast majority use the platform to share opinions about world events and attractions in television programs. What does this data state? It reflects how powerful this microblogging network for sharing content is. It isn’t surprising to know, that there are quite a lot of people, especially from Millennial and Gen X groups, who might be wondering how to Sign up for Twitter.

But, taking the popularity of Twitter amongst users, newbies might feel hesitant to ask someone about the process to sign up for Twitter. Well, this post covers all that to know to get on board. Keep reading!  

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First step: Go to the official site

How to Set up a Twitter Account

Reach out to the official site ( of the platform for initiating your journey to sign up for Twitter.

Second Step: Pen down your information

Once you access the site, you will be able to start creating your account on the first login page. Provide some information under the "New to Twitter?" heading, such as your full name, your e-mail address, and the password you use to access your account.

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Enter all those details correctly and proceed with the signup process.  

Third Step: Choosing your username – A vital step while you sign up for Twitter

While making the move of choosing the username, be précised, especially if you have any promotional intent. The username is almost like your name in real life, which means this is what the public will use for your identification.   


Here you will choose your username that will be followed by the traditional (@). You can change it in the future, but you must provide this information at this stage to proceed. Twitter will suggest some alternatives based on your full name. Hopefully, you find the name available or else choose something which makes sense.

You can also read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at this step before creating your account. Once done, click the "Create my account" button.

Now, that you have performed the basic steps to sign up for Twitter, it’s time to check out what are the basic features you will come across after logging in. Let’s find out

Explanations - After You Sign Up for Twitter

Once you sign up for Twitter and log in, you will come across a welcome message as a greeting from this wonderful platform. In addition, you will also notice some explanations about how your timeline is composed.

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Suggestions of whom to follow

Since your account has just been created, you don't follow any users yet. So Twitter will suggest some relevant profiles on the network. There is no way to skip this option and you must follow at least 5 profiles to proceed.

When you plumed to sign up for Twitter, there are chances that you already have some names in your mind, which you would like to follow and receive updates from. To make your Twitter experience interesting, following the profile which fascinates you is a wise move. Still, if you have any confusion, consider checking out our blog where we have listed the top profiles to be followed on Twitter.   

Once you are done with following up profiles as per your choice, click "Next".

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Topic-based suggestions

We all have some hobbies, interests in different niches. Taking this into consideration, Twitter is customized to suggest profiles based on topics like Soccer, News, Music, Fashion, and others. Again, you must follow at least 5 more profiles before proceeding. Choose the ones you like and click on "Next".

Find people you know

You are new to Twitter, but that may not be the case for all of your friends or family circle. Social media has a pretty simple motto, which is socializing regardless of the platform you choose. When you sign up for Twitter, you will also get the option to find people you know.

To do so, you can allow Twitter to access your e-mail account and look for some contact that already has a profile on the social network. Once the search is over, you will see a list of people from your email contacts to follow him/her. Alternatively, you can skip this step by clicking "Skip" on the left side of your screen.

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Customize your profile

Now it is time for you to provide some information to personalize your profile. At this stage, you should choose a photo and you can describe something about yourself in the "Bio" field. Now, don’t take this "something" lightly because communication on Twitter generally occurs in front of people in the news stream.

 Make sure to create a bio which states who you to people who have no previous knowledge about you. After all, you wouldn’t like to sit idle, rather would love to fetch followers right? These are the initial stages from where you impress people to help you achieve followers.

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Verify your account in your e-mail – the final stage while you sign up for Twitter

So, now that you know all about how to sign up for Twitter, consider following these steps and get your Twitter account ready. However, it is necessary to verify it with your registered e-mail address. In this way, Twitter makes sure that your account is not spam. Consider performing this task at the earliest.

Final Word

Once you are active on Twitter, consider following up with people as per your preference and create a social circle. The more you connect and engage with others, the more will be the chances to gain back followers on your profile. However, this demands a considerable amount of time.

Alternatively, if you want any help to gain followers for Twitter, don’t hesitate to reach out!