How to run a winning Twitter contest
How to run a winning Twitter contest 3

Whatever the amount of marketing fads, the one marketing tactic that never does not fail to encourage dedication is a Twitter rivalry. It’s one of the best ways to breathe new life into your brand and bring your loyal fans to a new audience.

But it is not a matter only of tweeting a reward and counting the number of tweets to run a Twitter contest. You must meet all competition guidelines, avoid game-free entry rules, come up with brilliant contest ideas and much more.

It’s a lot to take in, especially if you’re new to everything.

This post offers a thorough guidance on how to start a winning Twitter competition, beginning with a contest form to calculate your performance. Let’s dive in. Let’s dive in.

Twitter contest rules

You want to ensure that you do not break the rules when you run a Twitter contest before you start. Understand the official promotional Twitter Instructions to get you started and get going.

Here are some important points to note before you launch a Twitter giveaway:

  • Encourage contest participants to use hashtags for hashtag tweets only. Otherwise, the Twitter rules could be broken. The request for the original Contest Post to reset people normally fixes this problem (but later).
  • Join a rule that states explicitly that each individual can only enter the competition with a single account. Someone who has been caught accessing several accounts will be unable to register. Therefore, they may also risk losing their accounts.
  • Ignore rules to allow users to post several updates. For instance, don’t set a rule that someone who tweets the most wins the donation. If not, Twitter will filter them out of search automatically. Make sure you mention that several entries are not allowed on the same day.

In addition to these important Twitter antitrust regulations, you can also comply with certain laws or guidelines depending on the location of your organization or in which sector you are based. Make sure that the legal department is in a loop to prevent any rules and regulations being infringed.

Best practices for running a Twitter contest

Since we now have the ground rules, let’s get to the real steps and best practices to launch a Twitter competition. Here is what you need to do to ensure you still have success at your Twitter competitions:

1. Define the goal from the beginning

Twitter contests often begin with a clearly defined goal, as with any other social media competition. Which is this contest’s main purpose? What are you going to learn from it? You should consider the effect of the Twitter rivalry. It should be extremely precise and observable.

Do you like to win more supporters? If so, what are the numbers? Perhaps you want to encourage or increase brand awareness of a new product or feature. How many observations will you make in this case?

Moreover, it allows you to decide what kind of competition to run with a specific target. This is also a first vital move you never can miss.

2. Choose a good prize

The choice of a valuable award is one of the most important aspects of a good Twitter presentation. “Valuable” does not automatically mean “costly,” but instead prefers a reward worth your fans and your target audience. What award will compel them to take part?

For example, the Icarus Project ran a contest in which participants could win SteelSeries ‘ Rival 3 gaming mouse. Even if the award is not worth hundreds of dollars, it remains important and appealing to the e-sports audience.

3. Choose a contest type

The most complicated move is possibly to select the type of competition to run on Twitter because you want to see the donation helps you achieve your target. There are four principal styles that you can participate on Twitter and each type differs according to your particular purpose.

a) Retweet and follow –  As the name suggests, this is the type of competition that allows participants to follow your brand on Twitter. This is the simplest form of competition for Twitter because it takes no complicated entry measures. You will possibly get a lot of entries.

This type of Twitter competition is great to encourage your awareness of your brand, increasing your follow-up and get more impressions. But the low entry barrier is their biggest weakness, as it makes it easy to play in this kind of competition. Some years ago, a computer engineer, Hunter Scotlandtt, also created a bot to join him in Twitter contests automatically.

b) Comment to enter – In certain cases, brands can also compete on Twitter, in which participants just have to comment. You don’t have to go through the whole process of the post after the brand and the message. This is a perfect way to encourage dedication and potentially increase exposure.

c) Sweepstakes –  Try running a sweepstake contest if the main goal is to attract visitors to their web site. It involves the creation and sharing of a connection on Twitter (or any social Media platform) with a real landing page that contains an entering type. This kind of competition can not do anything to boost the scope of your brand, but because participants do not always have to re-web or comment.

d) Photo contest –  This is the best Twitter competition for you to start if you want to push content produced by the user. You invite participants to post a photo contest in conjunction with a particular theme or subject and to use the hashtag in the caption of your contest. They might share, for example, a picture of a dish prepared with your product.

e) Question and answer –  Encourage entrants to make sure that the award is the most worthy by submitting their entries. Please ask your followers a question and invite them to send answers to win the draw. This may vary from a trivia-based question to a history-based question, in which participants would share their personal experience on a particular subject.

4. Clearly define the rules for entry

It is important to be specific about the rules for taking part while running a Twitter gift competition. Get the rules based on the Twitter competition guidelines and the kind of competition you want to run. And then include these rules in your article, so that people know what they have to do to enter the contest. Defining the rules explicitly also helps to prevent conflicts at a later date.

You can also add”* T&C’s apply” at the end of your tweet if you have a lot of different requirements which don’t fit into one single tweet, like Wren Kitchens did on his Friday Freebie contest. But please make sure that you have a path or guidance for participants to review these terms and conditions.

5. Use the right Twitter giveaway picker

The avoidance of human bias is another crucial factor in running a fair Twitter competition, which gives everybody an equal chance of winning. Except in competitions where participants are invited to make imaginative remarks or to write personal stories, a winner from the hundred or thousands of submissions must be chosen randomly. And you need a gift-picker from Twitter for that.

Based on the type of contest you are running, there are various choices available. You may use a Twitter gift picker like Retweet Picker or Tweetdraw for competitions in which your post is primarily retweet.

However, you might also use software such as Comment Picker or Random Picker if you applied an extra layers of law and had people comment on the Post.

Use the right Twitter giveaway picker
How to run a winning Twitter contest 4

The Gleam Competitions application will help you make a fair decision for a Twitter contest where people are invited to apply their images or answers using their hashtag.