We live in the 21st century, in a World fueled by the internet. This has not only powered our social life but has also changed the dynamics of the professional careers of many people. Twitter has been an excellent social media platform for promoting professional businesses and ideas. It has helped people in getting in touch with promising individuals and professionals and building a long-term connection with them.
Many people nowadays consider LinkedIn a far more white-collar social media application and use it to sell their skills and build career-changing connections. However, it should be noted that Twitter still stands as one of the most key platforms to give your professional career or business the right wings it needs. Twitter, being the most prominent and authentic place to find the current affair trends remains a center of attention of almost every professional, media-house, firm and politician. This makes it the most reliable and important place to market your product or idea.
Twitter has been found to do wonders for professionals and has acted as air under the wings to numerous brands. Even though Twitter stands as one of the easiest websites to use for professional conduct, it still demands a proactive strategy before jumping on to it. It’s important to market your product to the maximum possible people and to get in touch with the right individuals. For that you need the right profile with well-sourced content, along with a large number of followers which most individuals and professionals find very hard to obtain.
This article will tell you all the neat tricks and strategies you need to follow to get a large number of people to follow your twitter handle. In turn, this will eventually get maximum number of eye-balls on your profile and product, which is exactly what you need Twitter for!

Increase Your Twitter Followers
How to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast 5

Getting ‘real’ followers

Before jumping onto the tips and tricks you need to know, it’s important to realize that there are numerous ways using which you can reach a solid number of followers. This should not be the goal. It is important to get this straight – it is the real followers which are important, because with using bots, you may end up buying thousands of followers which are eventually of no use to your professional account. Instead, you have to make sure that you get the authentic followers – followers who engage with your account and translate into sales.

Getting ‘real’ followers
How to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast 6

Regular use of Twitter is a must!

Twitter, like many other social media platforms, demands time and concentration. No matter how hectic and tough your routine is, you must always find time to engage through your tweets and reactions. It is important to not leave your followers blank and clueless as to what you are up to. If on any other social media website you post 2-3 times a week, then twitter demands you to post the same number of tweets every single day. You may ask – what if I run out of content? Or what if I have nothing new to post? The answer is simple:
• You can always use twitter to promote your brand.
• Engage with new trends and news relevant to your brand’s profile.
• React to the relevant trends.
• Give your followers anything interesting to read by reposting
• Cross-promote any other brand or business.
It’s very important to engage, because if you don’t then your followers may eventually forget you. They may even end up unfollowing your profile due to your lack of activity.

Follow the right people

A simple trick, which most of the brand promoters and owners end up missing, is to focus on the accounts that they follow. Many people only end up exhausting all their strategies while focusing on gaining the followers and miss their following tab. It is important to consider the following aspects of accounts you follow:
• The accounts you follow should be of a relevant business/brand.
• Make sure to follow authentic businesses and activists who will help you keep updated with related trends and news.
• If your brand has a group of loyal customers, it might be a good idea to follow them.
• Follow the marketing profiles and brands.

Look for the right hashtags

It is essential to perform a considerable amount of research before picking up the right hashtag to link with your tweets. Studies show that it is important to add hashtags to your post as they gain much more attention than the posts without hashtags. But not just any hashtag will work – it is important to pick the right hashtag. If your brand has a certain keyword, make sure to add it to your posts as a hashtag. Similarly, add other relevant hashtags to your tweets in order to improve the visibility of your posts. This will help you reach new users, who may then choose to follow you.

Quality content is what people need

There is a major concern that users mention when asked about the reason they don’t like to follow certain profiles on twitter, or any other social media website for that matter. This is the quality of content these profiles publish or even end up spamming the feed with. It is important to pay attention to the quality of content you are giving to your followers along with maintaining the quantity. The quality of your tweets can be elevated following these simple steps:
• Make sure your tweets are concise and elaborative at the same time.
• Tweets should be relevant to your brand – unnecessary content or reaction tweets to an irrelevant topic confuses the follower and gains negative attention.
• Tweets should be engaging.
• Add images, colors and digital graphics to your tweets. It is important to have a relevant image with a tweet as it adds aesthetics to the profile. If the picture is outsourced, it is mandatory to reference the source or it could end up in a copyright issue.

Quality content
How to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast 7

Invest in your account

Twitter can be the face of your brand – it is completely worth it to invest in twitter in the same way you invest in your marketing team and website. But before doing so, it is important to link your Twitter account with the relevant marketing material, emails, website addresses, and business details. In the next step, you can use your resources to ask Twitter to promote your content. Also, it is mandatory that your users find your content on your other social media platforms too such as Facebook, LinkedIn and of course on your webpage.

Engage More!

Twitter is very much about getting social. As a brand, it is important to follow related accounts and trends and engage with them. Features like liking other people’s tweets, retweeting and commenting should often be used. This brings your account to the attention of others. In the future, they may repost your content as well or promote your brand in other ways. This will help you gain a good following in the long run.

Promote other people and brands

Cooperation among businesses and brands is the key to success on social media channels like Twitter. If you find a small-scale, struggling brand trying to connect you on your twitter, it is important that you get in touch with them. Try to promote their content in exchange for the promotion of your brand through their account – this helps two brands build a constructive professional relationship and encourages more followers to engage with your account.
Similarly, it is important to be responsive on Twitter. I.e. if people have queries and questions for you regarding your brand or your product, you should professionally respond to them in the due time. Also, frequent posts should be published asking for the users’ or followers’ feedback which can help you identify the loops in your marketing strategy and twitter account.

Promote other people and brands
How to Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast 8

Strategically optimize your profile

The Twitter profile itself is the key to gaining new followers because it is the first thing a user sees, even before your content. The profile should be aesthetically pleasing, relevant to your brand, and engaging and concise at the same time. If there is content on your profile that is outsourced or shared from any other platform, it should be completely referenced and the source should be tagged. Your profile should also clearly elaborate your professional conduct or brand along with what you have to offer.
• Optimize your profile by having a clean profile photo, the use of a clear facial photo is encouraged as it can be considered authentic by the twitter bots.
• If you are running a personal profile, it should have a clear information regarding your professional brand.
• Showing your personality can be a good strategy too, you can always give your followers a taste of how you are as a person, your interests and goals.