Does the question, “How to increase your Twitter engagement?” make you wonder a lot? You might have a good number of followers on Twitter but what are they worth if they don’t even engage with your Twitter content? Doesn’t it sound like having something extremely important to share but no one to seriously listen to? Well, it's situations like this that can hamper a brand’s growth as well as vision incredibly much. 

How to increase your Twitter engagement
How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement? 4

But reading this article on how to increase your Twitter engagement can change your brand worth tremendously. Read on to learn about the top strategies that most of you should follow to have a more honest and engaging audience. 

So, before wasting a minute longer, let us dive in!

What do you mean by Twitter engagement? 

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Twitter engagement simply refers to how people choose to interact with you or your brand by engaging with your posted content. It includes all forms of engagement such as likes, retweets, tagged mentions, replies, embedded media, links, follows, etc. The more your followers or other Twitter users engage with your content, the greater your popularity on the engrossing social media app. 

Why does having genuine Twitter engagement matter?

Genuine Twitter engagement is extremely essential for the following good reasons:

How to increase your Twitter engagement
How to Increase Your Twitter Engagement? 5
  • Massive Audience Base: If you are looking for the ultimate brand exposure along with massive growth, Twitter can get you next-level engagement which is highly impactful.
  • Builds Exposure: Twitter has several sharing options to help your brand content reach old and new followers alike. Posting memes is one of the most trending and genuine ways to get limitless exposure. It is the best social media app to potentially expand your reach.
  • Promotes Openness: Twitter barely has any highly concerning restrictions. They promote an open and transparent relationship between the brands as well as the clients. Everything they post is open for everyone to watch and get to the target customers accordingly.
  • Boost Brand and Customer Relationship: Twitter helps you engage with your previous and prospective brand customers directly. From communicating to resolving issues, there are a lot of brands that can use Twitter. It is the number one social media app that incredibly boosts brand and customer relationships.
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Top 4 Tips to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Once you have figured out how much Twitter engagement you need to work on, you can focus on the best ways to increase it. So, here are the top 4 strategies that would help you increase your Twitter engagement tremendously:

  • Retweet Other Users’ Tweets: Retweeting other users’ tweets can definitely remarkably enhance your Twitter engagement level. Most users want to either retweet others’ tweets or else get their tweets retweeted. This makes people believe that you incredibly value others’ content as much as yours. Reciprocity matters a lot and in turn rewards enhanced Twitter engagement.
  • Share Links: Whenever you come across some great content, don’t forget to share it with your Twitter audiences. Share content that users would find engaging and look forward to know about. Sharing new and unique links will increase their curiosity. It will persuade new and old followers to engage with your content more often.
  • Choose Peak Hours to Post: Twitter has peak hours just like the other social media apps. This will give you a greater audience and greater chances of engagement. Make a habit to post content during these hours. Several studies have revealed that posting during the day gets you more engagement on Twitter. 
  • Use Twitter Ads: Don’t have enough followers following you on Twitter? No worries, we have found the ultimate solution for you. You can use Twitter ads or get more followers here. Promotional tweets can do wonders for you. They will get you to your target audience faster. Along with Twitter ads, you can also use the Twitter analytics feature. The feature will provide you with all the necessary reporting features. You can then strategize better on how to increase your Twitter engagement faster. 
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