How to effectively use Twitter & grow your brand
How to effectively use Twitter & grow your brand 5

Twitter boasts 330 million active monthly users.

Such people come from all over the world to visit the website, looking for the latest news and updates from their favorite brands. Which means you might be missing out on some important leads if you're not still involved on Twitter.

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Unfortunately, while many brands are tweeting today, many of them don't know how to effectively use Twitter, to help them grow their company. Scheduling tweets and making sure you're using a few hashtags for each message doesn't mean you're a Twitter Master.

Luckily, if you're ready to unlock the iconic social platform's true potential, the following guide will help.

Below are your actionable tips on how to make successful use of Facebook.

1. Start with a Twitter strategy

A systematic approach is critical if any social media network is to succeed. You make sure, with the right strategy, that you spend your time and resources in things that meet your goals and drive the results.

Start by finding out what your Twitter account needs to do. Could you please:

  • Generate new leads and sales
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Enhance product awareness
  • Decrease customer service costs

You will start creating more actionable goals for your social plan when you know your business objectives. For example, by the end of a three month campaign you might want to drive 20 new email sign-ups a month. If you are going to get results, make sure that your targets are clear and observable.

Note, make sure you know what your target feels like while writing your targets. Don't pretend to be all on social media for everyone. Use your customer to direct your choices.

2. Create your Twitter profile

A strategic profile on Twitter is a important asset in your marketing campaign on social media. Creating the right picture for your brand and building confidence with your audience, enhancing your ability to appear in the right social networks and more. Until you step into the next phase of learning how to successfully use Facebook, make sure you:

  • Complete and refine your Twitter profile: Choose your Twitter profile pic with a branded image and use your bio to explain what you're doing. Don't forget to slip your profile into a secondary link to push more leads to your website.
  • Get verified: Do your customers want to be sure you're a trustworthy company? Having the Blue "confirmed" badge on Twitter is a great starting point.
  • Connect back to your profile from other places: Make sure you show off your profile by connecting to it on your website, email signatures and other social media. That will offer greater scope to your social profile.

3. Understand how to use #hashtags

Twitter is the birthplace of the very popular hashtag on social media. Verify that you are using this tool to your advantage. Hashtags organize the content into groups and make it easier to find your brand online. Studies by Twitter discovered that hashtag tweets boost brand interaction by 50 percent.

Although there are plenty of different ways to improve your Twitter hashtag strategy, here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Do not use too many hashtags in every single message. Twitter suggests using as few as a few hashtags per tweet as possible.
  • Don't use hashtags in spaces. # Social media will connect # Social media and separate part of media. Make sure that everything interlinks. Evite always use punctuation!
  • Find hashtags trending on Twitter. You can see a list of the top trending tags linked to your profile on your left-hand sidebar under your Twitter profile. Using those to get your initial tags motivated.
Understand how to use #hashtags
How to effectively use Twitter & grow your brand 6

4. Know when to post on Twitter

Each minute there are more than 350,000 tweets sent via the digital airwaves. It's no wonder it feels so hard to get your Twitter followers to really interact. Figuring out how to efficiently use Twitter also means knowing when to post in order to better reach your audience. Take, for example:

  • Friday is the best day to post on Twitter
  • The best time to post on Twitter is between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
  • The safest time to post on Twitter every day is between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

It goes without saying that every audience is different. To ensure you're having the best results:

  • Tweet about keeping a high level of engagement with your followers at least once a day. Recall playing with blogging, too, more often.
  • To change your timing, use Twitter Analytics data to learn more about your audience and their expectations.

5. Remember to engage your audience

If you're working out how to use Twitter efficiently, issues like charts and calculations are easy to get caught up in. The truth is, though, that the most important thing to monitor on Twitter is your level of engagement. All you have without engagement is a number, not a true list of followers. Addressing the audience:

  • Stay track of your network: Read tweets from your followers and use them to learn more about interests of your clients, new market trends and more.
  • Reply quickly: On Twitter, people expect brands to be sensitive. One study shows that within 60 minutes 42 per cent of consumers expect to get a brand response. Let your customers realize they care for you by quickly getting back to them.
  • Retweet, interact and follow: Show your audience that you value them by retweeting their content on Twitter, and more.
  • Ask questions and become interactive: Have debates with your audience. Host polls, and ask for their views on important topics related to your brand. Hold a contest to enthuse people about your business.
  • Use @mentions to tag people: get involved by @mentioning them and tagging them in your posts with your network of followers and influencers. Only ensure that your tagging techniques are the right ones.

How to use and view liked tweets

Likes, formerly known as Twitter favourites, are another key way to keep your audience engaged. While you want to monitor your overall Twitter behavior carefully to ensure that your audience actually clicks on links in your tweets as well as following them, they will also give you a pulse on what's resonating with your audience.

You can also give a bit of love to your fans by sharing encouraging messages and fantastic Twitter responses. To do so, simply press the heart icon on the screen, tablet or Sprout Smart Inbox underneath a tweet. Liking tweets from your customers helps to demonstrate that behind the Twitter account, there's a real person reading and appreciating their posts, not only sending out automatic customer service answers.

Likes can also be a great source of analytical information for the brands and the industry. Check out your industry's list of liked tweets from thinkers or influencers to see what they respond to and also share with their own followers. To do so, click on the smartphone or desktop user's individual profile page and switch to the 'Likes' tab.

6. Experiment with new tactics

Finally, once you master Twitter's basics, consider playing with some of the advanced content types the platform is capable of. Exploring the paid advertising options on Twitter, for example, will directly promote specific posts and target specific audiences. Alternatively seek to:

  • Putting up Twitter cards for your website: It means they stand out from your target audience when you share your blog posts on social media.
  • Live video broadcast: Companies have been experimenting with live video on Twitter for some time now, including 360-degree streaming channels. With video and other visual content becoming more popular, live streaming is an excellent addition to every strategy on Twitter.
  • Provide customer support: Consider offering an extra outlet for customer service if you have enough staff to run your Twitter account. 67 per cent of US consumers turn to brand help on social media. Twitter behavior lets you show your followers you are really there for them.

Learn how to make effective use of Twitter

Therefore, making good use of Twitter is all about reaching the followers and making sure you stand out. When more businesses turn to social media to communicate with their clients, making sure you have the correct image on your profile is important.

The tips above will help you relate to a deeper level with the followers of your brand. The more you're using Twitter and learning its utility to reach your audience, the easier it is to expand your brand online.