Twitter has become immensely popular in this day and age. It has over 145 million daily active users. This means that every 5 minutes, 500,000 people log onto Twitter. Cool statistics, but why don’t most people have an insane number of followers on Twitter then?


The reason for this isn’t that their tweets aren’t good enough. It’s more because they are posting the right things the wrong way. Most people focus majorly on trying to make their tweet look good but don’t focus on the little stuff. This little stuff is what makes the big difference between them and someone who has a much bigger following.

The title of this article may make you think that we are exaggerating, or we’ll tell you about some glitch or Twitter hack. But no, we’re not. All we need tell you are the little tweaks and gimmicks you need to do; the followers will come in naturally.

Here are the to-do’s that are bound to get your Twitter followers doubled in 5 minutes a day:

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#1. Tweet and let retweet

With the numbers mentioned in the preamble of the article, there’s no doubt that Twitter is a very dynamic website. On average, there are 6000 new tweets on the website every second. This means there are about 1.8 million tweets every 5 minutes. So to stay active on Twitter, you need tweet like crazy.

A study shows that users with fewer than 1000 tweets usually have less than 100 followers. Those with more than 15,000 tweets have anywhere between 100,000 to 1 million followers. This proves that tweeting more grows your following exponentially. People who know this spam tweets all the time – whether they are meaningful or gibberish.

Apart from this, we must also mention the most powerful button on Twitter: The Retweet Button. People use this to simply copy and paste your tweets onto their personal wall. Your tweets will be visible to their followers who may then choose to follow you.

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The more you tweet, the more people retweet and the more followers you get. This is also the reason why following on Twitter grows exponentially.

Tweet and let retweet

#2. Promotion from other platforms

If you want to get instant following on your Twitter account, promote it on all other social media accounts.

You’ve probably seen people do this all the time. Although it is annoying and awkward to sort of “beg” for followers, it is very effective. Generally, growth on Twitter isn’t as rapid as on other social media platforms. Because of this, people usually have a much bigger following on other platforms than on Twitter, even if they are equally active on them. To keep things even, they ask followers on other platforms to check out their Twitter account as well, and boy does it work.

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You can take it to another level as well by managing certain activities with your followers on Twitter. For example, you can tell your fans to follow you on Twitter or retweet your tweet (or both, as in most cases) for a chance to win something. This is known as a giveaway and it works superbly in increasing followers on Twitter. It may be an investment but it’s one that guarantees followers.

Promotion from other platforms

If giveaways are too much for you then you can keep things subtle by sharing updates about things and telling your fans to check them out over on Twitter. This has an added benefit of making you seem professional as well.

#3. Use periods when tweeting at someone

Want a much bigger fan following? Just take it from someone who has it.

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Twitter allows anyone to tweet at anyone and these tweets are public. This means that you can essentially show your tweets to a much bigger audience than your own. People spam tweets all the time just to get attention of other people’s followers. Some of other people’s followers are bound to click the follow button on the spammer’s profile. Once they gain enough followers, they delete the tweet.

You probably know this already and have used this tidbit in the past, but it may not have worked. That’s because you forgot to put that little period before the ‘at’ sign. People who are new to Twitter don’t know how to make a private tweet and how to make a public one. They don’t put periods before the ‘at’ symbol when tweeting at someone. This makes their tweet only visible to the person they’re tweeting at. Thus, it is a private tweet which doesn’t get them more followers.

Once you start putting those little dots right before the ‘at’ symbol, your tweets will be visible to a much larger audience. You will then easily get at least a small part of their followers’ attention.

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#4. Ride on trends

Twitter is massively centered on trends and drama. The moment something big happens in the real world, there’s bound to be some sort of hashtag or movement in the social media world. Twitter is the first website to receive it in all its uproar. You can get a huge number of followers on Twitter through this.

Once something is trending on Twitter, everyone hops onto it with their hash-tagged posts. Big celebrities and social media stars begin tweeting about it as well and surely enough, their tweets get a lot of retweets and views. You can benefit from a trend by posting something relevant which gets attention towards you. A good enough comment on a big celebrity’s tweet can get your comment to the top of their post and then do wonders for your following.

Ride on trends


Getting a big following on Twitter is actually as easy as you think it is difficult. It is only a matter of doing things the right way. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you are bound to at least double your followers and who knows, you may even triple them.

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