Learning how to do a Twitter audit the right way has become quite essential in today’s date. Knowing how to do an audit properly can help brands make the most out of their Twitter accounts. 

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How to Do a Twitter Audit
How to Do a Twitter Audit - Complete Guide 6

What is a Twitter audit?

Twitter audit refers to the in-depth inspection of your business or else personal account. From Twitter history to activity, a properly done audit provides complete as well as unfiltered information. All those Twitter users who are looking for an in-depth analysis of their Twitter account can go for a Twitter audit. Why? Because they will get a detailed and well-described analysis report within seconds.

Why you should do a Twitter audit?

Maintaining your Twitter account should be prioritized more than anything these days. It helps you stay productive on Twitter. A successful Twitter account surely takes more than just tweeting unique content. It helps you take note of your account and whether it is keeping up with the ever-changing Twitter trends. Doing a Twitter audit will make the picture clearer. It will easily provide an update about what works and what doesn’t work for your Twitter account.

Most brands conduct a Twitter audit on a pretty regular basis. Successfully conducted Twitter audits help businesses a lot. They help businesses plan the most effective Twitter strategies for an impactful presence on the phenomenal social media platform. 

From framing crucial decisions to well-executed plans, an audit gives a proper description of your account’s performance. This helps brands, as well as influencers, frame better awareness and marketing strategies across Twitter. Be it tracking your engagement or monitoring your gradual growth, a Twitter audit makes the right choice.

How to do a Twitter audit?

The Twitter audit isn’t a very complex process. Mainly, there are five aspects of the audit. These are as follows:

How to Do a Twitter Audit
How to Do a Twitter Audit - Complete Guide 7
  • Auditing Your Account Tweets: Auditing your tweets mainly refers to investigating your account’s tweets. It helps ascertain whether the account’s tweet accurately represents the brand’s image. From deleting old tweets to pinning the right ones, an audit helps a lot. 
  • Auditing Your Twitter Activity: Once you have made out how your account’s tweets have been performing, you can then shift the focus to review your account’s Twitter activity. It tells how your executed strategies have worked out. From your post timings to help you find the best-suited hashtags, the Twitter activity does a great job. Twitter analytics are extremely beneficial in this case.
  • Auditing Your Twitter Followers/Audience: This auditing step helps you find out all about inactive and irrelevant Twitter followers. It helps brands analyse their target audience and post content they look forward to. Understanding your followers’ demographics can help you form the best strategies for an impactful presence. You can use Twitter Analytics to know what interests your audience, your most shared content, engaging audience, and the most actively participating audience.
  • Auditing Your Twitter Profile: This auditing step mainly concentrates on your Twitter profile features. This includes features such as your account’s bio, profile picture, pinned tweets, and moments. This kind of auditing will ensure you always maintain an engaging profile that gains the interest of your prospective followers. And also, keep the old ones. 
  • Auditing Your Brand Advocates/Influencers: Your Twitter followers are no less than your biggest assets so treat them right. From your brand’s top influencers to your most dedicated audience, an influencer audit can help you find the right people for targeting the right audience.

What are the best tools for a Twitter audit?

The top five tools for running a successful Twitter audit are as follows:

How to Do a Twitter Audit
How to Do a Twitter Audit - Complete Guide 8
  • Twitter Analytics: It provides the most basic metrics such as followers, activity, and cards.
  • Socialert: A leading tool for an in-depth audit of your account.
  • BuzzSumo: The best tool for detailed insights about Twitter users and influencers.
  • Audit: The easiest tool to analyse your audience as it provides you details about real and fake followers.
  • FollowerAudit: A great audit tool for identifying unfollowers, track followers, and find fake followers.