how to delete twitter account
How to Delete Your Twitter Account 3

 Social media has shaped modern communication in so many ways. Twitter, unlike other platforms lets its users interact with anyone from any part of the world without necessarily having to know each other in person. There is so much that goes on and it is normal to be overwhelmed at times. Be sure we understand all hatred and negativity that comes with many social media platforms and twitter is not an exception.

 Whatever the reason for leaving this platform, we have a complete guide on how to shut down your twitter account.


 Before you delete your Twitter account:

It is wise to give second thoughts about getting rid of your account. Here are some things to look into before you finally press that delete button:

  • Look into the benefits of the platform and whether they will be outweighed once you delete that account.
  • Try and stay off the platform for a while and see if you can do it without it. This is one of the best ways to know if the decision you are making suits you.
  • Back up any documents or images that you might need from your twitter account before you finally delete it.
  • Take a look at the people you interact with on the platform and check if you have their contacts.  There are people that you may want to talk to in the future; it is only wise to get other means to communicate with them. Just before you delete your account, ask yourself whether there is an established channel to talk to them.
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 Deleting your account

  Once you delete your account, it will operate on temporary grace, unlike other social media platforms that offer temporary delete. This means that the twitter support will reactivate your account if you log in within a month and ask them to.  Here are the steps to delete your twitter account if you are still convinced as the best thing to do:

 Delete your account on the desktop

  • Log into your twitter account on a web browser
  • Click on your profile picture and then settings to open the settings box. 
  • Go to settings and privacy and click “deactivate my account”
  • You will receive a pop up on the screen asking you to re-enter your twitter password. This is an important step for the platform to identify it is you delete the account.

 Delete your account on Android

  • Depending on whatever version of the app you have,   click on the menu or profile icon to access settings
  • Go to settings and privacy menu and click on the account
  • Tap on the deactivate your account icon
  • Enter the account password to confirm your identity.
  • Tap deactivate

 Delete your account on iOS

  • Click on the profile icon on top of your screen
  • Go to settings and privacy, click on the account
  • Tap on deactivating your account
  • Enter your password when asked to
  • Click on deactivate and then yes to successfully deactivate

As told above, your account will be deleted after 30 days. One thing you have to remember is that all the data from your previous activities is stored in the search engine data base and will not be deleted even after permanently deleting your account.

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