Maintaining a Twitter account, especially in the case of brands and influencers, has become a huge task. To keep themselves ahead on the phenomenal social media platform, you need to be consistent, consistent with how to clean up your Twitter account the right way. 

If you have been wondering about getting your Twitter account back on track, we suggest you clean it up. Or maybe even give it a makeover. From unnecessary followers to make way for an engaging Twitter profile, here is how to clean up your Twitter account just right!

how to clean up your Twitter account
How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account? 3

6 Tips on How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account Faster:

  • Unfollow Irrelevant Accounts: One of the best ways to clean up your Twitter account is to unfollow all irrelevant accounts. Take some time out to analyze all the irrelevant accounts you have ever followed on Twitter. And slowly but steadily get rid of them. Nowadays, several social media apps can help you finish the unfollowing process. Get the best one and get going! Because for some, there might be a long way to go from here.
  • Unfollow Inactive Users: We often ignore our inactive followers on Twitter when we should consistently keep a check on them. Inactive followers barely engage with your content or add more value to your brand. So, take out some time on a daily basis or get an app that could help you with unfollowing inactive users. Having active Twitter followers should be prioritised and they will only join in when you have followers that actively engage with your content. 
  • Use Twitter Lists to Organize: Twitter lists are quite beneficial in helping you organize your Twitter account. Be it family, work, or influential people, Twitter lists can help you with your most versatile organization needs. You could even use the Twitter lists for filtering Twitter users who seem alike to you. This way you could learn all about specific kinds of Twitter users by adding them to similar Twitter lists. You could even keep the Twitter lists private if you want. Public Twitter lists are visible to all Twitter users.
how to clean up your Twitter account
How to Clean Up Your Twitter Account? 4
  • Facelift Your Twitter Profile: Your main reason for cleaning up your Twitter account might be to boost your account’s presence on Twitter. The best way to do so is by giving a facelift to your Twitter account. This can help you create an impactful brand presence across a global Twitter audience. From reevaluating your Twitter handle to your Twitter bio, ensure your Twitter account represents your interests in the clearest way. Highlight your expertise, update your header photo, revise your profile picture, or add a link to your business to attract Twitter users faster.
  • Pin A Tweet: Give your Twitter profile a brand-new look by revising every tweet that you pin. Pin tweets that you believe are your best tweets and represent your most engaging content. Every new user who visits your Twitter profile senses what they will be getting their hands on through this pinned tweet. Always pick the tweet you plan to pin with utmost care. The right pinned tweet can either make or break your impactful presence ideology. A pinned tweet is one of the greatest ways to introduce yourself to new as well as prospective Twitter followers. 
  • Get Rid of Clattering Tweets: Another way to clean up your Twitter account is by deleting all the clattering tweets from your account. By clattering tweets, we mean all the unnecessary tweets and retweets that are no longer essential to your brand image. Delete all the previous tweets or else edit some to keep them. Don’t just remove all the tweets but just ensure to delete those tweets that make your profile look unprofessional. 

Now that you know all about how to clean up your Twitter account, we hope you will gain more followers on Twitter faster than ever.