How Does Twitter Work
How Does Twitter Work? 2

Twitter is the only social media platform that is public by default. This makes it easier for the users to share links and news widely. For business people, this can be a good platform to make connections, boost brand visibility and customer engagement.

 Understanding twitter

 In twitter users follow other users. This means that if you follow someone, you will be able to see what they post in your timeline. You can also follow companies or businesses that interest you. So, why use twitter? The fact remains that this platform has become popular among business people, politicians, activists, students and many more.

  The platform only supports posts known as tweets of 140 characters. This makes it the best option for people on the go that have no time to read long posts. Moreover, twitter lets you:

  • Obtain feedback about tasks and give feedback to others
  • Stay updated with what is currently happening in the news and other areas of your interest.
  • Reach a larger audience since it is public on default.
  • Follow your mentors and experts in your field.

How twitter works

We have explained some terms below to help you figure out how the platform works.

1. Mentions

 A mention in twitter means that you include someone’s twitter name in your tweet. The person will be automatically alerted the moment you mention them. A mention is a symbolled by an @, this is a simple way to add someone to a conversation that you want them to join.

2. Direct messaging

 A direct message on twitter is a private conversation that you can have with anyone that follows you. You may send a direct message to someone you are not following if their settings allow them to receive messages from anyone that does not follow them.

 You may also send a direct message when you are chatting with other user and the 140 characters are not enough to complete the conversation. One thing you have to remember is that twitter can ban you because of sending the same message to several people as a direct message.

 3. Hashtags

 A hashtag is a phrase that has no spaces placed after the (#) symbol. Twitter uses this technique to index relevant topics and keywords. The tweets are then grouped based on the hashtags so that all the posts which include a specific tag are viewed at the same time. The hashtag technique on twitter lets users effortlessly follow topics that are relevant to them. Furthermore, the hashtags make it effortless for users to begin conversations on certain subjects.

4. Retweeting

 Retweeting is sharing a tweet that someone wrote publicly. This makes it easier for users to pass information to their followers. Additionally, retweets give credit to the author; this in return may result in good connections.

 Retweets can help boost businesses, start conversations with customers and clients or other people that you may be interested to chat with.

 Twitter vs other social media platforms

 As you may have seen from the above descriptions, twitter is quite different from any other social media platform that you may have used before. For example in Facebook, you have to accept friend requests to be able to see other users’ news. For instance, if you have 100 friends on Facebook, you can only view only 100 people’s news. Twitter, on the other hand, allows you to be followed by 2000 people and see up to 50 people’s news feed.  You will love using twitter because of its uncomplicated profiles, status and much more.

 How to stay updated on twitter

 Twitter does not capture every tweet from the people you follow. This means that if you are not online, you might not be able to see what other people tweeted about.  Sometimes twitter filters your timeline so as to show tweets from your favourite people first. How does twitter know your favorite people? The platform keeps records of people you talk to most, so automatically they are the ones whose tweets you would love to see first. This feature makes it easier for you to catch up with what was happening while you were away.

 Here are some ways to make sure you stay up to par with what is happening on twitter:

  • Look at what the person you want to follow has tweeted by visiting their profile.
  • Look up the hashtag of the event that you will love to follow and click on the live button to see more tweets in larger conversations.
  • Set your mobile app to send you to push notifications relating to popular tweets from any preferred activity. This makes it so effortless for you to stay updated on what is happening across the globe.

 Worried about your privacy?

As told earlier, everything on this platform is public by default. Even though, you have a chance to build your private experience. Go to setting and change to private. This allows you to quietly have conversations with other users. Remember that with this setting you will be required to manually approve the people who may want to follow you. The only people who will see your tweets are the ones that you permit.

 You can always block the people who become a nuisance. You do not have to set your account to private; mute them, report or even block them for good.

Last words

 Twitter is one of the best social media platforms that you can join. When used correctly, the platform helps users build their business, lifestyles and much more. The platform continuously adds robust features that make it more user-friendly. You can also get all the support you need through the platform’s website