What Is Twitter marketing?

You probably already know that social networks are now essential when it comes to digital marketing, right? And along with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Twitter is considered as one of the most important channels for audience engagement. It helps to gain visibility, and generate new business. This post explores the nitty-gritty of Twitter marketing. Keep reading!

How Twitter Comes into The Play While Talking About Digital Marketing

Twitter is a place where the public interacts about the various events in almost real-time. Besides, it's the ideal platform for brands to have conversations with their audiences at the moments when they are most open to it. Naturally, it creates room for developing an outstanding brand awareness. However, to get the most out of your Twitter marketing strategy, you need to know the key tips of the same. By sticking to this post, you will get to know about theright way to communicate on this network, which will help you in standing out in the crowd and getting more engagement.

Twitter Marketing - Steps to Extract the Best Results

Like any social network, Twitter also has its peculiarities - which go far beyond posts with a maximum of 280 characters.

To have an efficient communication there, you need to be strategic and, of course, have a good understanding of how your audience uses the network.

This means, to start with Twitter marketing, you need to start with the following things. --

  • know if your audience is on Twitter
  • what topics they follow
  • what interests them.

When you find out answers to the said questions, it's time to talk to them. Calm down, the part about generating new business comes later!

Draw editorial lines and organize the distribution of the themes of your posts

When you develop a solid understanding of how your audience uses Twitter, and what topics interest them, it is easy to draw editorial lines and set up a basic calendar.

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Let's say, for example, that your company is a travel agency. You can think of editorial lines like the following.

Destination: where you post links to your blog posts that describe the best places to travel, along with videos and photos of these places.

Travel Tips: posts with directions, tips on how to prepare yourself for traveling, or good practices abroad. You can direct your audience to your blog or even conversion pages by linking these tweets to them.

Seasonal: posts about important dates, such as Carnival, Mother's Day, Children's Day, and so on.

Humor: posts that bring common - and funny - situations in travel, such as gaffes, traveler jokes, and more. NOTE: This only applies if humor is something that appeals to your audience, of course.

Anyway, drawing up these editorial guidelines is the first step to start with an effective Twitter marketing strategy.

Create a Posting Calendar for Twitter

Editorial lines are drawn, and now, it is time to define the volume of posts and how you want to distribute these editorials over time. Think about daily or weekly volume, according to your Twitter marketing strategy and production feasibility.

Always remember the 80/20 rule. It states that 80% of everything you post delivers value to your audience without necessarily talking about your products or services, and the rest 20% should be about your business.

And since it is not a good idea to flood your followers' timeline with dozens of posts in sequence (especially on the same subject), it is important to post strategically. This includes having a clear goal for each post, delivering value within the text limit, inserting the right link posting consistently and frequently, and, of course, monitoring everything.

Track Metrics with Twitter Analytics - A Vital Step to Wine Over the Game of Twitter Marketing

As said before, for each goal, one (or more), you should draw metrics. For example, if you want to generate new business and you create a post with a link to a conversion landing page on your site, you will inevitably have to track your conversion rate.

Now, if your goal is to generate interaction on the posts, then you should follow the number of impressions, mentions, and engagement rate. They give a good idea of the performance. To track all this, Twitter Analytics (Twitter's tool for businesses) is essential..

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With Twitter Analytics you can also track who your main followers are, which were your best tweets, how your base is growing, and how your ads performed.

Twitter marketing

Advertise with Twitter Ads

Like other social networking sites, Twitter also allows the dissemination of marketing campaigns, with paid posts through the Twitter Ads platform.

With it, you can run paid ads. They are typically segmented and they come with great possibility of reaching your ideal audience. So, undoubtedly, it's a great tool for an effective Twitter marketing campaign.

The objectives for a campaign may include selling a product, getting followers, and increasing engagement. You can do all of this through the traditional format of text posts or image and video content.

These actions appear as normal tweets on people's timelines, with a tag in the post indicating that the content is advertising.

Now that you have understood the basics of Twitter marketing, let's get to the fundamental tips for communicating on this social network. By combining them with the strategy outlined, you will be able to generate new business with Twitter.

Good practices to make Twitter a Marketing tool

Be objective while posting

The limitation of 280 characters means that the texts used on Twitter must be succinct. With shorter sentences, it is important to convey a precise and objective message, without rehashing. Say what you need to say within the limit, always completing a thought.

Even if you need another tweet to talk about the subject, it is essential that each of the posts is independent and concludes reasoning. This makes the profile's performance more dynamic.

Interact and serve your audience (keep an eye on the mentions)

To experience the effectiveness of Twitter marketing, maintain a closer relationship with the public. For this, the mentions feature is key. It allows the user to direct a tweet to your account, and this becomes even more important when it comes to doubt or question about the services or product you are dealing with.

It is essential to take advantage of these opportunities and provide customer service. After all, nowadays social networks can (and should!) function as extensions of the SAC. This gives the consumer the idea that he is covered in all environments where he has contact with the company. If necessary, request data from the customer by DM, to maintain the integrity of this information.

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You can also make the interaction a more fun way, by responding to tweets that mention your page in a humorous way. But it is important to do this if the profile of the business in question suits this approach. In any case, solicitude and friendliness are always welcome.

Use videos and images - Great for Twitter Marketing

Despite the character limitation, Twitter nowadays allows you to attach images and videos to posts. This enables a much more complete message. Along with these media, it is also possible to write the 280 characters, which can be used for great calls to action (CTA).

This feature is very interesting and you can use them to convey memes. If your company has a more cool approach, do not dispense the use of them. Always contextualizing them with your business and using them to advertise some campaign helps you in getting the highest benefits of Twitter marketing.

Timing is everything, right? And on Twitter it is much easier not to miss the timing.

This is because every subject that is being talked about by a large number of users goes on the trending topics. You can access all the tweets of a certain subject from this list by clicking on the topic link, which is located on the left corner of each user's dashboard.

But here is an important observation - just because a subject is in the trending topics does not mean it is relevant for your audience, right? So, evaluate each topic carefully, analyzing if it is really something that your audience would be commenting on, and if it is, go for it!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are famous on social media, especially on Instagram. And on Twitter, they also have a place! Besides being a practical way to help you keep track of specific subjects in your niche, they work the same way for your audience.

For example, if you use hashtag #marketing, you are clearly indicating that your post talks about that subject, and when the user clicks or searches for this tag, he will be redirected to all recent posts that used the hashtag. This tool is key to targeting your posts to those who are actually looking for content on a specific subject.

Hope this helps you in developing an in-depth understanding of Twitter marketing! Need help in raising the follower count of your Twitter account? Get your job done now!