How Many Followers Do You Really Need To Be Successful On Twitter
How do you get Twitter Followers – Everything to Know 20

Getting a considerable number of Twitter followers is indeed, a theme of pleasure. Besides, twitter’s total vanity metric takes your accounts, follower count, into consideration. A higher follower count helps in meaning more influence in your industry. Apart from that, it indicates that your audience, customers, and leads are actually interested in your content.


  • Patrick Helms

    Patrick is our social media superstar. He worked for Fortune 500 companies before joining us a a senior account manager.

But what can get you the desired number of followers on Twitter? This post explores every possible answer to this question. Keep reading!


Recent social media statistics say, that almost 50% of marketers count Twitter as their go-to network to engage with their potential customers. Its agile and simplified outlook makes it one of the most convenient social following to grow from scratch.

Steps to get more Twitter followers

Let’s delve deeper into the topic now! Following are the top hacks to acquire more Twitter followers.  Each one of them is genuine and actionable. They can help you in gaining flesh-and-blood followers. Be it about getting more leads or drawing the attention of the giants of your industry the mentioned ways can assist you in playing a fair game. Here we go!

If you are into Twitter for over a long period, you should probably know that tweets, which contain visual content, get a better count of Twitter followers, shares, likes and retweets, if compared to those without them.

Visual content can help you in winning over the game of gaining more Twitter followers

So, you should always focus on blending your tweets with a number of relevant images. Of course, the sole text-based tweets are ok to go but image-based ones are better poised to attract random scrollers and temp them to check out your post once.

If you are not good at playing with images, you can simply go for posting a colorful blog post review. Apart from images, you can also couple your tweets with memes and gifs. In fact, it has become a popular practice on Twitter.

Infographics are also good to go. With some compelling data set, you can convey your ideas or thoughts more clearly to your visitors. However, the strength of signaling Twitter viewer engagement lies in video-based content. If compared with the other stated mediums, videos typically get six times more shares.

how to get twitter followers

Leverage the power of hashtags to acquire more Twitter followers

Harnessing your hashtags is a wonderful way to turn your posts into searchable ones. In other words, you can say it is a form of for your Twitter account. If you know how to use the hashtags in the right way, you can experience a massive hike in post engagement.  

Recent data says tweets that carry at least one hashtag get 13% more engagement than the ones with no hashtag. If you tack on a couple of hashtags to any given tweet, it’s’ going to work as a quick way to increase Twitter followers.

Besides, you may save a lot of productive time by using hashtags because it takes only a few seconds to complete the job. For example, if you are into the yoga and fitness industry, you can use hashtags like #yoga, #yogaforfitness #holisticwellbeing, and so on.

To make your feed even more personalized and omitting the extreme suit-and-type essence, you can also opt to play with community hashtags like #fitnessvibes or #saturdaymotivation, and more.

In addition, you also have the option of using event-based hashtags like #worldyogaday #yogaretreat, etc. However, every good comes with some touch of evil and hashtags are not an exception to the fact.

The caveat with them is, you can’t go overboard. Tweets that contain a massive amount of hashtags may look spammy or distracting. So, don’t forget to keep this in mind while using your hashtags. The best idea is to research well and find out which of your hashtags can drag the most followers. You can do it by taking the assistance of Twitter analytics. All you need to do is to dig deeper into the best performing tags for your genre.

Retweeting, Replying and tagging can help in gaining more Twitter followers

Acquiring more followers is not always time-sinking. Instead, it’s all about making the most of the time you spend on the platform.

Indeed, you always have the option of scheduling tweets to optimize engagement. However, at the same time, you need to protect your Twitter account from appearing like a bot-run one. So, what can you do to manage this issue? Well, you just need to keep in touch with your followers and potential customers.

To create a vibe of regular engagement with other users through retweeting, replying and tagging, will definitely help you get more eyes on your brand. If you have just begun with Twitter, you can even have no followers to reply.

 In such cases, you to start replying to other brands’ tweets so that you can grab the attention. Remember, if you consider writing a detailed and meaningful response, it’s definitely going to help you in gaining a lot of potential followers.

The other way to catch the attention of other brands is to shout them out. In simpler words, you may tag other brands as a compliment. It’s a renowned trick to show that you are concerned about the others, who are playing the same game as you. As a return against this investment, you may also start getting shout-outs. In the same way, if you get tagged in tweets, it can help you enhance the audience reach because you will get to know about the post that’s getting shared. The best way to be tagged by others is tagging them as well.

Now talking about retweeting, it helps you to introduce your brand to new people. Don’t forget, a little smart move can change the game. So, start applying the unique combination of tagging, retweeting, and replying. You are surely going to win over the battle.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you also have a comparatively convenient and easy trick to gain more Twitter followers. You can simply go ahead and buy them. The practice is 100% legit and there’s no scope of any future hazard. Start applying all or any of the provided tips to make the most out of Twitter -the ideal platform to achieve recognition.   


  • Patrick Helms

    Patrick is our social media superstar. He worked for Fortune 500 companies before joining us a a senior account manager.