For those trying to establish a solid online presence, having a suspended account will defame your brand extensively. Twitter will suspend any account which they find is not in line with their rule book. However, Twitter can wrongly suspend your account because it uses an automated system. 


If this is the case, you can appeal if you think you have not broken any rules and yet your account has been suspended. This will lead to an investigation where an official Twitter team will inquire about the situation and take care of it with the community’s best interests in mind. 

image 379 Four reasons: Why is my Twitter account suspended?
Four reasons: Why is my Twitter account suspended? 16

Duration of suspension:

The type of violation of rules will determine how long your suspension will be. A typical suspension from Twitter can last 12 hours or even up to 7 days. Twitter can also suspend an account with “read-only” mode. This means that the suspended account’s user can browse through his/her feed and explore the platform but will not be able to post anything online.

In other cases, the accounts are permanently suspended. This means that the person can no longer access the account as Twitter will remove it entirely from the platform. 

If you’re asking yourself, “why is my twitter account suspended?” continue reading this article.

Why is my Twitter account suspended?
Four reasons: Why is my Twitter account suspended? 17

Why your account may be suspended:

Violating community guidelines:

Some of the most common violations that come under this are account impersonations, abusive and offensive words, and sending threats to other accounts. Also, suppose you are posting sensitive data in the form of graphic photos, text, or videos that are not for the public to view, such as adult content and violence. In that case, your account may be suspended, even permanently. 

Violating any of the rules and regulations of the platform will land in you being banned and suspended from using the application.


Most of the Twitter accounts that get suspended are those that spam. These are primarily fake accounts that hold a security risk for the platform and its users. Since spamming is against the rulebook of Twitter, these types of accounts will get suspended immediately.

Unfortunately, at times, some people’s accounts may get suspended by mistake. However, there are chances that twitter’s algorithm may catch slight irregularities in a real person’s account and deem it as spam or a fake account, although it is not. If this is the case, the person can appeal, and twitter’s team will take care of all the investigation.

Security risks:

If the Twitter algorithm determines an account to be compromised, the account will get suspended until the original owner of the account safely restores the account. 

When a Twitter account is under potential security risk, such as hackers trying to get into your account, the account will get suspended to prevent any suspicious activity from happening on the platform.

Promoting destructive content, extremism, and/or child exploitation:

Your account may be suspended if you post and promote ideas of suicide, self-harm, bullying, terrorism, and child exploitation, such as child labor or sexual violence against children.

Illegal activities:

If twitter finds that your account is dealing with illegal drugs or that you are a participant in any illegal transaction such as buying or selling drugs, services, and goods, your account will be suspended. 

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Unsuspending your account:

You can make provisions to unsuspend your account if you think that the platform has wrongly judged you. After your account gets suspended, you can appeal to the customer service team and state your reasons truthfully. This will prompt an investigation as to how the Twitter algorithm caught your account.

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