If you’re someone who has been using social media platforms, you may have come across weird users. To classify them as simply “weird” would be an understatement and won’t do justice to what you went through. When you come across such users, reporting them is more like a duty than anything else. But sometimes, we worry about the consequences of such actions. For such purposes, we prepared this carefully curated guide on what happens when you report someone on Twitter.

What Happens When You Report Someone On Twitter
Flawless Guide On What Happens When You Report Someone On Twitter 3

What Happens When You Report Someone On Twitter?

It’s no secret that once in a while, we all find ourselves diving into the rabbit hole of social media platforms. But unlike Alice, it doesn’t even come close to any form of Wonderland. 

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If you were to reply to any viral tweet, you’d get replies from users who are nothing but obnoxious. The only thing you wish to do to them is to report and then block them. It’s much easier to report a user when you don’t know them personally. But when it comes to someone who you know personally, it gets quite tricky. Thus, read on to find out what happens when you report someone on Twitter.

Twitter’s Anonymous Report Option

If you’re wondering whether the user will know if you reported them, then rest assured! There’s no way they will ever find out that it was you who reported them. That’s because Twitter reports are anonymous. At the same time, the user will know that somebody reported them, and they are getting investigated. Keep in mind that they will get to know even if Twitter doesn’t take any action against them.

At this point, you may wish to know how they get to know. To answer that in very clear and simple terms, via their email IDs. You may already be aware that Twitter requires email IDs in order to confirm their accounts. So when you report a user, the platform lets them know that it’s investing their account by sending a mail. At the same time, it doesn’t tell them who reported them. Thus, you don’t need to worry about reporting a user.

How To Report Someone On Twitter?

Now that you know the user won’t be able to figure out who reported them, this is how you report them.

Step 1: Run Twitter through your app or the browser.

Step 2: In case you’ve not logged in already, log in by entering your credentials.

Step 3: Look for the tweet for the tweet/tweets that you wish to report.

Step 4: Upon finding the tweet, head towards the top right section. 

Aligned with the username of the user who tweeted, you’ll find “…” Click/tap once on that. A list of options will appear in front of you. 

Step 5: Tap/Click on “Report Tweet.” It’ll have a flag in front of it.

Steps to reports a tweet
Flawless Guide On What Happens When You Report Someone On Twitter 4

Step 6: Once you do that, a small window named “Report an issue” will pop up in front of you. 

Select and choose from the category available to express why you wish to report the user. 

Step 7: Once you complete that step, the app will direct you to new options under the same “Report an issue” window. 

From here, you can choose to “Mute” and “Block” them too. Once you’re done deciding on that, tap/click on “Done.” 

Note: Do not avail of the “Block” option that you receive under “Report an issue.” That’s because if you do so, it’ll become amply clear that it was you who blocked them.