how to go viral on Twitter
Five simple strategies on how to go viral on Twitter 4

When you post something on the social networking app Twitter, it is called a "tweet." A tweet can be simple text or a picture viewed and shared by all those who view and read the tweet. A tweet is considered a viral tweet when it gets thousands of views, likes, comments, and retweets. A viral tweet gets the most traction from a large group of people in a short duration.  

There is no one reason for tweets that go viral. The tweet's content can be several things such as humor, awareness, social service, debates, etc. the only criterion is that the tweet needs to have content that will prompt Twitter users to reply or respond to the tweet in a way. 

So the question now is, how to go viral on twitter? Read on below to know about five different methods that are sure to make your tweet go viral.

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image 401 1 Five simple strategies on how to go viral on Twitter
Five simple strategies on how to go viral on Twitter 5


Many pages often host giveaways for their followers. These types of contests allow users to interact with the page, share and comment on the tweet. The more actions the post garners from the users, the more is its probability of going viral. 

Giveaways focus on free items and services for the winner, so people are sure to be excited about such contests. Make sure to add rules that correspond to increased follower count and retweets. This will also help in boosting your follower count. 


Keep it plain and simple. Especially if you are new to the platform, it may take time for other users to notice you post a tweet asking for more retweets. 

By simply using words like "please retweet" on your post, you can increase engagement on your page. You also have more chances of your followers complying with your request if your original tweet has something to do with self-help, such as "how to" articles. 

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Twitter analytics:

The time of day you decide to post your tweet is also an essential factor in whether your tweet becomes viral or not. Most of the time, your tweet is not viral because it gets buried in the thousands of other tweets going out when you post yours. 

You need to research your Twitter analytics and figure out which is the best time to post your tweet, so you reach a wider audience. 


Make your headlines as exciting and as engaging as you want. When people scroll through the platform, the only headlines that catch their attention will be read, shared, commented on, and retweeted. Thus, it is an excellent strategy to know what intrigues the minds of your followers and create an engaging title. 


Another foolproof way to get more attention on Twitter is to use hashtags. Do hashtag research and find out which ones are most popular and trending. Hashtags group similar tweets together, so when people are looking for a niche topic, your post will also show up on their search results if you use the correct hashtags. 

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However, you should make sure that you don't overuse hashtags to repel users instead of attracting them. 

So there it is. Five easy but infallible strategies that will help you go viral on Twitter. Whatever the content of your tweet, make sure that you follow community guidelines and leave space for people to comment or leave a reply.  

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