You may be faced with a situation where you follow someone, but you do not support their tweets or the content they post. Maybe their tweets are too frequent, or they are not what interests you. If this person is a close friend or a family member, there is no option of blocking them or unfollowing them in fear of offending them. 

When you mute someone on Twitter, you won’t see their tweets anymore, but you will still follow them. You want to stay connected but without having to deal with their tweets all the time. If this is your situation, you can keep this person on mute. 

what happens when you mute someone on Twitter

Read on to find out what happens when you mute someone on Twitter:

When you mute someone on Twitter, you are effectively removing all their tweets from your timeline. This does not mean that you have blocked them or have unfollowed them. You will still be connected to the user but won’t see their tweets anymore on your feed. 

The muted person will be oblivious to the “mute” action, which means that they will not know that you have muted them. You can also easily unmute them in the future if you wish to undo this process.

If you have muted a few different accounts, you can access this list through your account settings.

What you should know about muting accounts on Twitter:

  • You can follow all the muted accounts, and they will also follow you.
  • When you mute an account, it does not mean that the person can no longer send you messages. They will still be able to interact with you directly.
  • When you mute someone on Twitter, you will not receive any notifications about their account activities.
  • If the muted account holder mentions (tags) you or leaves a reply, these notifications will appear in your account.
  • All the older tweets from a muted account will disappear from your timeline.
  • If you have previously had a conversation with a muted account you follow, you will still be able to view your messages. However, you will not read the discussions for a muted account you don’t follow.
  • If you do not follow a muted account and they send you a direct message, the notifications will not pop up in your account. You will only receive notifications of those muted accounts you do follow who mention you in their conversations. 

How to mute someone on Twitter:

  1. Muting Twitter account from a profile: From your account, go to the Twitter user’s account you want to mute. Go to the profile and click on the More icon. Select the mute option from the drop-down list. 
  2. Muting a Twitter account from a Tweet: After you log into your account, open a tweet from the account you want to mute. From the tweet, tap on the options icon. From the drop-down list, select “mute.”

After you click on “mute” for both methods, you will see a pop-up window confirming your action. If you are sure about your decision, you can confirm the action. If you accidentally pressed the “mute” button, you can reverse the process by clicking on “undo.”

How to manage muted Twitter accounts


  • Log into your Twitter account
  • Click on the navigation menu icon
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Go to Privacy and safety.
  • Select Safety
  • Click on Muted accounts.
  • Unmute the muted accounts by clicking on the mute icons.


  • Log in to
  • Tap on More from the navigation menu
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Tap on Privacy and safety 
  • Go to Mute and block.
  • Tap on Muted accounts.
  • Unmute the muted accounts by clicking on the mute icons.

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