Engaging ideas for what to post on Twitter
Engaging ideas for what to post on Twitter 22

Unsure what to post on Twitter? With each social media site requiring specific tactics and content, it can be difficult to define which types of posts on each one perform well.


Twitter is one of a kind website. And although some content styles tend to do well, others should be reserved for more technical platforms such as LinkedIn or visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest more specifically.

But we’ll lead you through 17 entertaining ideas about what your audience would love to share on Twitter.

Why you should be on Twitter

Every platform has its demographics, rules, and styles, and it’s essential to know which platforms are right for your company.

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Let’s remember Twitter’s primary demographics first. Note how the majority of users from urban or suburban areas are teenagers and young adults up to 29 years old.

When your target audience fits those demographics, you will work to meet them on Twitter.

Why you should be on Twitter
Engaging ideas for what to post on Twitter 23

How often should you tweet

One thing that many advertisers wonder about is how much they will be posting on various platforms. Although we’ve covered the best times before to tweet based on your business, how often is a whole new story.

Yet as I said earlier, Twitter is a special forum.

Because of the Twitter algorithm the feed travels extremely quickly, making this platform completely different from other platforms.

While you can post on Facebook or Instagram at most once a day, Twitter’s best practices dictate that you will post at least 10 times a day, and as many as 20-30 (or more!) times a day.

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What to post on Twitter

Now that we’ve discussed how to Tweet and how much, let’s get you started with your own ideas for creating content. Although not each of these ideas would work for every company or sector, you will find enough motivation to get your imagination going.

1. Ask questions

Asking your audience questions is a perfect way to gain your followers ‘interest. It might be something important to your company, or simply something to start the conversation.

2. Industry news

An important and/or interesting news from the industry is one type of content that you can share across all channels. This detail should be made available to your audience if it is a straightforward article about people in your industry.

3. Brand announcements

Have you got exciting news to announce? An imminent launch, or new features awaiting your audience? What about having to exchange major testimonials or endorsements? That is totally material that you would like to share with your followers.

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Better still, for new guests to see too, you can add this Tweet to the top of your profile. Depending on what updates or industry news you want to share, update this pinned Tweet as often as appropriate.

4. GIFs and memes

The short-form content rules of Twitter – after all, we only get 280 characters – rendered storytelling through GIFs and memes a popular part of platform-wide tweeting and marketing.

You will often see users integrating GIFs (both licensed GIFs or from the built-in GIF library) into their tweets and comments, posting memes and even jumping on viral memes.

5. Promo codes or flash sales

Sharing promo codes or promotions on Twitter is a great way to increase interaction and promotions, particularly if they are exclusively available only to your Twitter followers.

6. Blog content

Your blog content is the most frequently seen type of content posted on almost every website. After all, if you’re making quality blog content then you want to promote it and get as many people as possible to read it. Don’t be shy about tweeting out your blog posts. It might would be a great time to check your Twitter content and see how your audience is reacting to each.

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7. Visual content

Whether it’s video, branded graphics or infographics, sharing visual content on Twitter will capture the attention of the peoples as they scroll.

8. Tease launches

When you have an upcoming product launch or new features coming out, Twitter is a perfect way to tease them and let them know what to expect from your audience.

9. Events

If your brand participates in or is attending a conference or networking event, let your Twitter followers know! Live Tweeting with your followers is also a perfect way to involve business leaders, experts and participants and create a session-round discussion.

10. Social media holidays

Jumping on specific social media holidays – or even the actual holidays the audience is celebrating – is a perfect way to get your audience interested.

11. Job openings

Why not let your Twitter followers know if your company is recruiting so you can find potential prospects who are already loyal to the brand? When you work in a particular sector or business, chances are that you are followers of the same profession and with valuable talent.

12. Motivational quotes

Sharing a # quoteoftheday or # qotd motivational is a perfect way to share the inspiration with your audience. Moreover, people enjoy quotes that talk to them, which improves their chances of returning it to their own feed.

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Start sharing your ideas about Twitter content now

Get some very good ideas from this post? Start writing your latest content and scheduling it. Create your content calendar and track interaction metrics and if it works for you tell us in the comment section.