For users and brands who base their earnings on Twitter, suspensions are a scary domain. That's something very common with regard to other social media platforms as well. If you're an individual brand or an online business, a suspension can be really disastrous for you. Besides, it's rather quite easy for you to get your account suspended. Thus, how long do Twitter accounts get suspended for? Follow our guide.

How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For?
Efficient Guide On How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For? 4

How Long Do Twitter Accounts Get Suspended For?

Accounts easily fall prey to the ever-changing Twitter guidelines. Before they even know it, they find themselves on the receiving end of suspensions. As a brand, a suspension could mean losing out on a lot of traffic and business opportunities. 

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Once you get your Twitter account suspended, you'll have to wait for some time before things return to normalcy. Usually, when an account gets suspended, the duration is around twelve hours. 

But if the Twitter term violations are more severe, we are talking about a suspension time exceeding twelve hours. That is, you might have to wait for a maximum of one entire week. Thus, how long your suspension lasts directly depends on the severity of the violations.

At the same time, you may be able to access your profile and its contents during the suspension. Plus, even others can engage and carry out interactions with the suspended account. But it's just that you, as the suspended account owner, won't be able to do much. 

On the other extreme scenario, the platform may even take down the account for a fixed duration during the suspension. If and when that happens, it's possible that other users won't be able to find your account on Twitter. 

How Do I Unsuspend My Account?

·        Take matters in your hands.

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The first method you must try is probably the simplest one. But keep in mind, it will work only in the cases where the violations aren't severe. At the same time, regardless of the severity, go ahead and follow this method. That's because you probably won't get to know why your account got suspended in the first place. 

Step 1: Run the Twitter app. You may even visit their official website through a browser.

Step 2: Go ahead and log in.

What you need to do here is to search for any type of pop-up prompts. These prompts will be asking you to confirm your account. The interface may ask you for your email ID or number. If you do get such prompts, it's a good sign.

Step 3: Follow the instructions carefully and go through with the verification.

On completion, you probably will be able to unsuspend your account. But as mentioned earlier, if that didn't work out for you, it means your violations are more severe. 

·        Unlock your Twitter account.

Many users who have spammy behavior might find themselves on this side of the spectrum. In such scenarios, Twitter locks your account. It also relates to those users whose conduct has been quite abusive of late. If you find yourself in any of these two categories, there's nothing else to do but wait it out. 

In that regard, it would be quite apt to say that suspensions mirror an online jail. 

Steps to unlock a locked Twitter account
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·        Twitter "Help Center."

If none of these methods work for you, place your remaining bets on the "Help Center." Make a heartful appeal to Twitter's customer "Help Centre." You must ensure that you don't spurt out any type of nonsense when you place your appeal. Remember that the platform has all the evidence against you.

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