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Being a blogger on Twitter - Here's all you should know 18

Influencers can belong to different categories such as lifestyle, travel, food, entertainment, and a lot more. However, in a few realms including Lifestyle, influencers have the potential of making a notable impact on the decisions made by a consumer. Being a broader niche, lifestyle includes everything from travel to fashion, food to home decor, the accomplishment of personal goals, and living a better life. Lifestyle Bloggers act as the inspirational source providing different ideas and tips to people about living their dream life. If you want to know how to become a blogger on Twitter, read this post till the end.


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What makes Lifestyle Bloggers so well known is the fact that they have an exemplary eye and taste for every beautiful thing in this world. They take interest in inspiring varied groups of audiences by creating blogs about their interests in life. They are the median to different influencer promoting campaign because they are considered genuine and reliable.

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How to become a Blogger on Twitter?

If you want to become a lifestyle blogger on Twitter, it is essential to make your account more well known to people. For doing to the same, you can try different steps such as:

Choose a good profile icon

At first, it is recommended that you choose a good profile icon for your Twitter account. Profile icon is what makes your first impression on your followers on any social media account including Twitter. Choose a profile icon which looks presentable and simple. This is important if you don’t want to be an egg head on Twitter because if you are an egg head yourself, chances are high that you’ll have an audience of Egg heads too.

Keep an intriguing BIO

What Does the Bio Mean on Twitter?
Being a blogger on Twitter - Here's all you should know 19

If you are looking for tips on how to become a Blogger on Twitter, you must keep an intriguing BIO. You can try these ideas:

  • Using relevant keywords
  • Keep it short and real
  • Introduce humorous elements
  • Avoid using words with no meaning
  • Increase the outreach of your Twitter handle
  • Use proper hashtags
  • Tweet using different headline
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In this aspect, your goal is to keep changing the headlines and watching how your audience reacts. As you keep testing, you’ll gradually come to know the thoughts of your audience.

Use manual tweet instead of retweet option

You shouldn’t use the Re-tweet option because:

  • It doesn’t show your profile icon
  • The tweet can’t be modified
  • Easy to prevent by the Tweeters

For a manual tweet, you just need to follow the cut and paste rule.

So, these are some very useful tips that can help you in making your Twitter handle more popular. There are many other tips that can be followed to learn about how to become a Blogger on Twitter. If you are willing to become a lifestyle blogger, you can try our these tips for becoming popular on Twitter. For a more clear picture, you can even go through the accounts of some of the top rated lifestyle bloggers on Twitter.

Furthermore, this post shall take you through a list of most influential bloggers on Twitter. So, keep following.

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The PennyWiseMama is a lifestyle blog by a family that showcases everything in a household. The main emphasis is on delicious food, healthy living, and money-saving ways. It also covers topics like fitness, beauty, and tech.


Sandeepa is an engineer working in the electronics domain. She is used to designing circuits but currently, is writing this blog. Chetan has an experience of working in the domain of digital media for nearly 12 years but is now photographing for their blog. Both of them decided to quit their jobs back in January, 2013 after which they sold off their house as they knew what they want. Initially, they decided to take world trip which will take a year or so. Gradually, they couldn’t escape their love for the roads and traveling became their way of life. Since then, they have been working together on this blog.


Giveawaybandit was started back in 2011. The creators work on creating a varied range of content based on entertainment, products, food, home and travel. It also shows many different recipes by coordinating with several brands to use their products and ingredients. You should take a glance at this blog to get a more clear picture of how to become a Blogger on YouTube.

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The bio of this immensely popular blogger states that he is an Influencer who has expertise in social media. He is a cricket fan and a lifestyle vlogger too. Most importantly, he claims to be human being which reflects his humanistic attitude towards everything in life.


This Twitter handle belongs to a blogger who is a dad and is into men’s lifestyle blogging. This blog was started back in 2008.


This blogger claims to be a literature lover who is also into art, films, theatre and music. She also takes interest in fashion and style.


Crissy page is another famous blogger who is the creator of a popular lifestyle based magazine. According to Crissy, this magazine is enjoyed by millions of subscribers, followers and readers every month.

So, mentioned above are the names of some very popular lifestyle bloggers on twitter. If you are looking for hacks on how to become a Blogger on Twitter, you should take a look at their Twitter handle. You can easily search for them on Twitter by entering their name of their Twitter handle. By looking at these accounts, you are surely going to get a strong idea about blogging on Twitter.

That was everything you should know about blogging on Twitter and how to become a Blogger on Twitter. This post is expected to guide you towards the same as it contains detailed information about lifestyle blogging on Twitter and how you can become one. You can refer to the top-ranked Twitter accounts, particularly of those who are lifestyle bloggers to visualize how it should look like. We hope this post was of help to you in knowing about the most influential lifestyle bloggers on Twitter.

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