Your username on Twitter becomes your Twitter handle. It is no surprise that thinking of a Twitter handle is harder than ever as Twitter has more than 288 million users from across the world. With a large number of clients, there’s a decent possibility the name you need is already taken. This can be really irritating!


You may have different reasons to change your Twitter handle. Whether you are new on Twitter or you just feel like changing things around, your Twitter handle is one of the most significant things. It attracts viewers and followers so you need to make sure that it is catchy yet creative.  A good Twitter username can also help you promote your business and make it easy for your followers to remember your handle. Here are some tips and hacks that will help you decide your new Twitter handle and change it.

A Guide on How to Update Your Twitter Handle

Hacks to get a good Twitter handle

Below are few hacks that you can try if your desired handle is already taken,

1.     Try adding “THE”

If your desired handle is already taken then try adding ‘THE’ before your username. For instance – @Themadgrace

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2.     Try using “I AM” or “THIS IS”

If you are new to Twitter, then this is the perfect way to introduce yourself. It also fits pleasantly with almost all the names. For instance – @ThisIsJohnsBlog or @IamJohnGoldberg

3.     Try using “WE ARE”

This is quite an impressive strategy for firms and organizations. Just add ‘we are’ before your group name. For instance – @WeAreKING

4.     Try using your initials

Try to add your initials if somebody has your preferred handle. You can utilize initials for your first and middle name or simply your middle name. Do that and you’ll begin seeing a pleasant increment in your Twitter followers and reach. For instance – @Jlawrence

5.     Using “TEAM” in your handle

Using ‘team’ in your handle is a whole different thing; it helps fans to connect with the brand. For instance – @TeamNike

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6.     Using your country, city or location

By including your area, you’re telling fans where your organization is found and making it a lot simpler for them to discover you. This is a particularly smart thought if yours is a neighborhood business. For instance – @EatatMonal

7.     Try using “ASK”

If you add ‘ask’ before your username, it does look catchy. For instance – @AskLeeAron

Points to consider for a perfect Twitter username

If you run a business, it is very critical for you to choose a username that reflects professionalism and leaves a good impression on those who visit your profile. A good username makes it simple for individuals to discover you and tag you in posts. Following are some points to consider for a good Twitter handle:

·        Use an appropriate name

Your Twitter name ought to be pertinent to your name or your organization’s name. Moreover, your username should be the same all over the social media handles, be it Instagram or Facebook. This ensures that people can look you up easily. In case your Twitter name is something totally different from your actual name, it could make it difficult for individuals to discover you.

·        Don’t include numbers

If a username has a number in it, it usually means that it is a spam account. Having a number doesn’t look great and causes the name to appear odd. Adding a number after your name will cause your profile to lose its uniqueness and it will become harder to discover.

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This means that when people search for your name on Twitter, the users with the same name will appear first in the list. After all those people, they will discover the names with numbers or might not discover your username at all.

·        The shorter the better

Your Twitter name ought to be short. The shorter it is, the simpler it would be for somebody to specify you in their Tweets. Twitter confines you to limit your Tweets to a length of 140 characters. There is a possibility that if someone is writing a tweet and the text is exceeding the limit, they might drop your name or part. You need to make your handle short so that everyone can easily utilize it.

·        Make it unique

Being creative with your username is another approach to get your Twitter handle to standout. The more one-of-a-kind your Twitter name is, the simpler it will be to discover it. Generally, the best thing is to utilize your company’s name as your Twitter handle as that would be unique and no one can copy it.

 Make twitter username unique

·        Make them remember   

You need your Twitter name to be anything but difficult to remember. Whenever somebody retweets something from your site, you have to urge them to tag you. This will assist you with getting more followers and will likewise help you in building your Twitter community. As such, if your name is easy to remember, it will be easier for people to tag and mention you in their tweets.

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·        Be active

You should know that there are almost 460 thousand people who sign up daily on twitter. If you have an amazing handle for yourself, you have to get there and use it before someone else utilizes it. 

Do remember all the above tips while picking your Twitter name and attempt to get it at the earliest opportunity before all the best names are taken.

How to update your Twitter handle

Once you have decided which Twitter handle you are going to use, let’s guide you how to do it by using a PC:

  1. You need to login to your profile.
  2. Click on the drop down menu (the round icon on which your profile picture is uploaded)
  3. Tap on setting and privacy.
  4. A new page will open where you will see your account information. A username box will be there; change your handle by tapping on the box. If it shows a green color that means your handle is available and ready to get saved.
  5. Scroll down and tap on the option save
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Now if you are using Twitter from mobile application, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your app and login to your account.
  2. Tap on your profile round icon.
  3. Tap on setting and privacy.
  4. Tap on account.
  5. Tap on username and change it.
  6. Click save.
How to update your Twitter handle
A Guide on How to Update Your Twitter Handle 21

Be consistent

When you change your Twitter username, make sure to refresh every current link to your profile. Being consistent and active is the key to maximizing your success on Twitter. Talking to your audience, telling them what you feel about a certain thing, re-sharing posts etc. will help you build a great network. If you want to build associations then you have to be active on Twitter – it’s as simple as that! Happy tweeting!


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