Twitter is a great place to share your thoughts in a rapid-fire format. It’s also a place where you can reflect and relate with thoughts other than your own. Whatever the case, you’ll need an audience to make sure you’re not just shouting into a void.

That’s why you need followers so you can have an audience for all your tweets. We’ll be looking at 9 nine simple ways you can amass a decent following on Twitter.

1. Tweet Out Constantly

Tweet Out Constantly

It may sound obvious, but you’ll need to keep tweeting as frequently as possible. Twitter completely works off the fact that it’s a simple and fast-moving platform. Something that may be relevant today could become irrelevant tomorrow. People want to have a regular stream of tweets that they can feed off of.

There’s no golden rule for how frequent your tweets should be. As a general rule, you want to tweet at least once a day. This keeps you showing in your followers’ timelines and gives them incentive to engage with you more often.

2. Fine-Tune Your Profile

Fine-Tune Your Profile

A profile isn’t always necessary on Twitter. Most of the time, people will follow because they like the take in someone’s tweets. However, if you’re just getting off the ground, it can matter a whole lot.

Your profile will be the first thing a passerby will see. If it looks too barren or too boring, it might stop people from giving you a chance. Try to make sure you do things like add a good profile picture and banner, write a short bio, and pick an eye-catching name. Bonus points if you can throw in some emojis in the bio.

3. #UseHashtagsForVisibility

Use Hashtags For Visibility
9 Dead Simple Tips to Get More Twitter Followers 11

One of the biggest innovations that Twitter brought to the social media game is hashtags. They’re so successful that they ended up finding their way to other platforms. That’s no coincidence.

See, hashtags work on two fronts. One, they manage to get you noticed if the hashtag itself is trending. Two, they help you relate with your followers that much more.

4. Follow Up with Current Events

Follow Up with Current Events
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It’s all about keeping your finger on the button with this platform. You won’t get anywhere by talking about things that have exhausted their cycle of popularity. You need to trend to ascend.

For most people, Twitter acts as a summarized version of the news. They can get their updates, keep up with happenings in the world, or hear about new announcements from the comfort of their bedroom.

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That’s why it’s important to bounce off that news. Got a hot take you can add? Maybe a joke or two? Go for it. This is the best place to do all this, after all. People will appreciate your personal perspective, and that’ll get you in their follow lists.

5. Engagement Is Your Strength

Engagement Is Your Strength
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On any other social media platform, the idea is about you and your life. Period. While that’s a grand idea, it doesn’t fit in here. Twitter is not just about you. It’s about you and how you relate to others.

Hence, instead of making your tweets just about you, branch out a bit. Ask a question, hold a poll, or ask for opinions. You’ll pull in a lot of people this way. You might even end up converting them into followers.

6. Do More Than Wordy Tweets

Do More Than Wordy Tweets
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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A tweet is worth 280 characters, a gif is worth a couple of retweets, and a video… Well, you get the idea. The point is, you’re not limited with your options. You can say more without saying anything at all.

Take something that’s harder to describe with words and post it as a gif, a video, or even an audio file. Some of the most viral tweets have embedded content in them. It’s a sure-fire way to get potential followers.

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7. Retweet When Possible

Retweet When Possible
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Retweeting is a good way to make your profile look more relatable to new people. Nothing looks weirder than a Twitter profile that only has a wall of its own tweets. Whether it gives off the feeling of vanity, a lack of understanding of the platform, or something else, it just feels off.

When you retweet someone, you are signaling that you agree with them or their take. People who follow the same people or interests will easily be able to judge your taste and connect with you. This usually results in a follow.

8. Participate in Replies

Participate in Replies
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Whatever you do, you never want to make yourself feel like a brand or sponsored account. You want to be active enough to make people follow you on their own. That means doing more than just tweeting and retweeting.

Sometimes, you have to go and reply to different tweets. Whether it’s a controversial topic, an opinion, or even a poll, your take matters. If people appreciate your stance, they might be inclined to check out your profile. And if they like what they see, you can earn yourself a follow.

9. Make an Effort

Make an Effort
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There’s a billion and one ways to make a tweet and no one particular way is right or wrong. However, there are ways that earn you a follow or have you ignored. Whatever way you choose to make your tweet, try to make a decent effort.

Don’t get trapped in the pitfall of tweeting low-effort thoughts, overused memes, or overdone motivational images. Aim for something that invokes value, whether that value is entertainment, inspiration, appreciation, or personal interaction. You’ll be setting yourself as someone unique and getting a lot of loyal followers in the process.