Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms still popular today and has a bit of a professional aspect, which is why many companies and businesses use the platform for announcements, updates, collaborations, and branding. It is even used by politicians around the world for the same reasons. Thus, it has become less of a meme-centric place than many other social media platforms.

Companies, celebrities, businesses, entrepreneurs and brands have been using Twitter for self-promotion for a very long time. The CEO of quotes that Twitter has been a great way to connect on a more personal level with employees and customers as well as to build the brand. Trillion-dollar companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon spend millions on advertisements and promotional posts especially made for Twitter. What is it that makes spending such money on Twitter worthwhile?

Today, we discuss the magic behind Twitter and how a big following on the website can do wonders for your business. There are many reasons why a huge Twitter following is good for you as a business owner, but we have cherry picked these 6 as they are believed to be the most important and effective ones.

1. Increase Brand Awareness

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The most crucial step for new businesses is brand awareness and businesspeople tend to use any medium to get it. Twitter makes use of this aspect by offering promotional ads to connect with new users. You can use these ads based on your Twitter demographic which the platform allows you to see. In return, Twitter gets more users on the website, which is all it needs.

The public on Twitter is also of importance as people go to Twitter in search of upcoming new things and trends. It is a great way to publicize to new audiences to get an increased following, which will build an audience for your product.

Increase Brand Awareness
6 Reasons Why Increasing Twitter Followers Is Good for Your Business 5

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website

Twitter is open for everyone and there’s only a few things to judge an account by. For most people, the followers of a Twitter account are the only thing they need to see to determine credibility. The greater the number of followers on your account, the less people are going to think of your business as a scam. They will feel more secure while visiting your website. This is why search engines also favor companies that link their Twitter accounts to their websites.

It has been shown that 47% of people that visit a Twitter profile click on the website linked. You can also continuously share links on your blogs, which drives people toward your website.

Why cant you ignore Twirler
6 Reasons Why Increasing Twitter Followers Is Good for Your Business 6

3. Customers, Employees and Competition at the Same Place

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Twitter has become the platform where people come to do whatever they need to. On this platform, company heads communicate with employees, customers give product and service reviews (by publicly tagging the company) and the competition looks after one another (to get brownie points in the eyes of Twitter users). All this makes Twitter an increasingly popular website, which is why having a massive following that appreciates your work and publicly praises you for it is very helpful for brand reputation.

Having everything at one place makes it easier to manage. Companies have made customer support Twitter accounts to deal with customers publicly, which gives viewers on Twitter a nice impression. Competition can be kept in check and organizations can deal with employees through Twitter as well. This is the perfect ingredient for marketing.

4. Expand Your Reach

If you’re a business owner who feels like their business is stuck and isn’t progressing, you might be looking forward to increasing your reach to attract new customers. Twitter is the perfect place for it. Ads posted on Twitter have a higher chance of engagement than many other websites (even LinkedIn and Snapchat).

Twitter has a very powerful tool called retweet. Followers can essentially copy and paste your tweets on their own accounts, causing all their followers to know about you. Companies have gotten so much use out this by even posting giveaways to whoever retweets their tweets the most. This can exponentially increase the number of people that know your business.

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Expand Your Reach
6 Reasons Why Increasing Twitter Followers Is Good for Your Business 7

5. Gold Mine for Marketing

Twitter allows you to research data about your followers, which marketing teams can easily assess and capitalize on. Its analytics is a great tool used by companies to determine which ad should be posted when to target a specific customer base.

The transparent aspect of Twitter makes is simple and easy to find potential customers through the platform. You can essentially look at the profile of a customer and see who they follow to find similar customers and target ads toward them. Strategies around Twitter marketing have been prevalent in the marketing industry due to their efficiency.

6. Facts Say It All

You may not yet be convinced as to how useful it is for your business to have a big Twitter following. In case you are more of a researcher and want to have some factual data to be convinced, here’s what numbers tell us:

  • Estimates show that about 1.3 billion people are registered on Twitter.
  • 65.8% of all companies use Twitter for brand promotion.
  • 377 of all Fortune 500 companies have corporate Twitter accounts.
  • 74% of the Inc 500 companies are on Twitter.

These are just a few statistics out of many that can help encourage you to start updating that years’ old Twitter account. Get on there and start counting dollar bills!


With a daily user count of 135 million, Twitter has become a marketing venue as much as it is a social media platform. Your Twitter following can describe how big of a business you have. We can’t stress enough how important it is to increase your Twitter following to make your business an even bigger success.