Blocking remains to be among the simplest ways to rid yourself of users who you simply don’t wish to engage with. That holds true for any social media platform, including Twitter and Instagram. At the same time, it might not feel so relaxing when you get blocked. To find out whether you’re blocked and if, indeed, you are, how many blocked you, read on. Our guide on how many people blocked me on Twitter has all the information you need.

How Many People Blocked Me On Twitter
100% Efficient Guide On How Many People Blocked Me On Twitter 4

How Many People Blocked Me On Twitter?

Twitter allows you to check all the users you blocked, that too, all at once. At the same, if you wish to check how many people blocked me on Twitter, there’s no such way. Such a feature is simply absent from the entire platform of Twitter. But these features are usually absent from the interface of many other social medial platforms as well. Thus, that’s not something that only pertains to Twitter.

If you’re a user who’s new in the blocking game, a blocked user cannot access the user’s profile at all. That is, the interface denies all access and engagements with the user who blocked them. Now, you need to check your account. And to do so, follow these steps.

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Stepwise Instructions

Step 1: In case you’re using the mobile Twitter app, run it. 

For desktop users, run the browser you’re making use of. Head to the official Twitter website through the browser. 

Step 2: Once you reach the domain of Twitter, login, in case you’re logged out. Enter your credentials and tap/click on “Login.”

Step 3: What you must do now is make a detailed list of all the users you think blocked you.

It matters not who they are. List down anyone who you suspect is capable of doing such a feat. Don’t worry about them finding out about it; it’s your personal list. 

Step 4: Once you’re ready with the list, go ahead and look for their profile one by one. 

Desktop Users: At the top of the middle section, you’ll see a search box titled “Search Twitter.” Click on that.

Mobile App Users: The bottom section of the main feed houses the search icon. It looks like a magnifying glass. Tap once on that.

Step 5: What you must do now is jot down the username of the first user on your list.

So, go right ahead and do that. Once you do so, tap/click on the profile username from the dropdown options.

At this point, if you’re able to view the account details and header and profile pictures, they didn’t block you. But in the case that you see a certain type of message on their profile, they blocked you. This message specifically lets you know that the user blocked you. It’ll look something like the following:

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Methods to see all Twitter users who blocked me
100% Efficient Guide On How Many People Blocked Me On Twitter 5

How To View My Blocked Accounts?

Even though Twitter doesn’t let users view who blocked them, they can easily find the accounts they blocked.

Step 1: Run the Twitter app. 

If you’re making use of a desktop/laptop/MAC, run the browser and visit the official Twitter website.

Step 2: Once you’re done logging in, head to the top left section. (For app users)

Tap/click on the three horizontal lines. That’ll direct you to a list of options.

Step 3: From the list of options, tap/click on “Settings and privacy.” 

Step 4: After that, tap/click on “Privacy and safety.”

Step 5: Head down the list and tap/click on “Blocked accounts.”