What is twitch

Is there any reason as to why someone would spend their time watching someone else play games that they can play? How is it even possible for someone to donate funds to a stranger live streaming on the internet? Most people can agree that it is not easy to explain how Twitch works, especially to anyone not born in the digital gaming era.

This article helps you understand Twitch in details, Read on.

Twitch explained

Twitch is a live streaming platform.  People upload live videos of them just doing anything, from eating, playing games or hanging out with their friends.

This platform came into light in 2011. By October 2013, the twitch website had gained about 45 million new viewers. The platform had about 18 million daily active users by the end of 2021.  The platform's tremendous growth has been attributed to its acquisition by Amazon in 2014.

Through Amazon, Twitch has been able to use related services such as Prime, Amazon payments and more to grow to where it is as per now.

This platform started as video game streaming platform before it opened doors to other content such as music, design, drawing, photography or anything that you might think of. This has enabled a good number of content creators to build their brands and gain a loyal audience.

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 What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch prime is linked to the amazon prime program; this means that anyone with an amazon prime membership gets an automatic twitch prime subscription. The two crosses promote each other.

What are the benefits of Twitch prime? Anyone with twitch prime membership gets to have an ad-free experience, free digital downloadable content, video discounts and much more.

Twitch users can earn money through the Twitch partnership program. This service provides various features that make it easy for them to make a living off their content

Why do people watch others play games?

We live at a time that people want to stay updated with all that goes on around them. Here are the main reasons as to why people watch others play games:

Twitch streaming as a hobby: Most people view live streaming as a recreational activity. It helps them stay happy and relaxed.  The audience and live streamers can engage with each other thus creating an impressive interactive experience. This also allows twitch streamers to create content that the audience loves.

Live to stream as a method of marketing: It is possible to build your brand effortlessly by live streaming what you are passionate about!  Your brand starts growing when you have a following. With consistency in content creation, one can quickly gain a large following that can attract big brands for partnership.

Live streaming is what most people are doing: Most internet users want to be part of what is trending. Most if not all social media platforms have now integrated live streaming to allow users to share what they are up to. Twitch just like other social network lets audiences follow their favorite streamers minus filters or edits, just in real-time. This in return keeps them in the know as much as they prefer

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 How do I find streamers to watch?

Anyone can view twitch streamers on the official twitch website. Several Twitch apps are available for android and iOS. You do not need any login details or any subscription to watch videos and broadcasts on Twitch.

Users can create accounts to enable them to add their preferred channels to the following list. A follow list lets you take part in each stream's unique chatroom.

Users get recommended streams on the first page of the website or app. One can also discover new streams by browsing the games using the category icon. This is the most common method one can use to find new channels and is enabled on all the apps and the Twitch website.

 Is Twitch safe for kids?

 It is paramount for parents to be involved when their kiuds are live streaming on Twitch. This is because there is so much that can go wrong with live episodes. Inappropriate images to vulgar language, there is so much that can appear on the screen which is not suitable for kids viewing.  It is worth to note that twitch has prohibited sex scenes, violence, scams and spams and other vulgar scenes but this does not make the platform completely free of obscene.

Twitch states clearly in its terms of services, that all users should be 13 years and older. However, we all know that these terms of service may not prevent users less than 13 years from accessing the platform.

Is Twitch here for good?

Does live streaming something to expect to continue or is it a trend that can die soon? Statistics show that live streaming will cross the $60 billion mark by 2021. Even though part of this revenue will be from other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Twitch is likely to play a significant part in the live streaming industry.

It is vital to remember that technology is open several doors to various integrations that were not any possible in the past.  The industry will be huge with the already introduced virtual and augmented reality.

Twitch is here for good. Probably one thing that everyone should be concerned about is the social-economic issues that are going to increase as a result of your people spending endless time live streaming.

 Does twitch have any competitors?

Twitch is the most preferred platform for live streaming video games but that does not mean it is the only one offering such services. Twitch was the first social platform to focus mainly on video live streaming and that explains its success and popularity. The platform also enables its content creators to make money from their content.

Twitch's number one rival is  Youtube. YouTube launched its gaming initiative in 2015 and its quickly gaining ground. Another serious competitor is Mixer, Microsoft's game streaming service. The market is also filled with other live streaming services but the two mentioned above are the only ones that can beat Twitch at its own game as per now.

 Final words

Twitch developers say that while the platform can be risky for younger kids, good parental guidance can allow young stars to enjoy live streams from the variety of topics available. Even though, parents must understand that Twitch does not encourage users to connect with people they do not know in person. Also, not all Twitch content is suitable for kids