Twitch is a massively used streaming platform in the present day. Its growing expanse led to introducing various new features and versions to benefit streamers. Twitch is more into online games being a video game streaming platform. Naturally, Pog made its way into it. What does Pog mean on Twitch? 

It is an open fact that Twitch hosts millions of users from every corner of the world. Various streamers enjoy numerous followers on their channels based on the content they post. We can now enjoy different types of broadcasting on Twitch, including lifestyle, music, concerts, etc. However, gaming is still on top. So, if you are looking to improve your channel, knowing what does pog mean on Twitch is definite. 

What does Pog mean on twitch
What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? 4

POG in Twitch: 

Pog stands for ‘Play of the Game.’ It is widely used in the Twitch community back when it existed. You can be a ‘PogChamp’ and express certain emotions.

PogChamp or Pog is an emote dedicated to Twitch. 

What does pog mean on Twitch? 

As we already mentioned, pog is used to express emotions like joy, excitement, or shock. 

This emote is an image showing a streamer Ryan ‘Gootecks’ in a surprised or shocking face. The original version showed up back in November 2010 through a video uploaded on YouTube. It showed up the ‘behind the scenes' footage of Ryan. Pog entered the pool of Twitch’s emotes in 2012. 

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Delineating Pog on Twitch: 

Ryan didn’t agree to Twitch using the image initially. But he made a deal with the platform for a whooping amount in dollars. Some additional and undisclosed concessions were also a part of this deal. From then, the pog emote hit the platform and soon became a widely-used one. The following are the different stages of the pog emote and its present face. 

1. Developments of Pog: 

This version of Pog is no longer present on Twitch as it was removed in January 2021.

The action followed the comments made by Ryan through his Twitter handle supporting the civil events happening then.

The pog champ emote was removed as people felt that the person in the image was supporting further violence. 

Twitch tried rotating the image by adding new faces to the emote every 24 hours.

However, that didn’t work, and numerous streamers featured on this emote were harassed.

Twitch believed that replacing the images would end the exclusive associations with a single person. This trend began in early January but wasn’t that successful.

2. Faces on Twitch Pog Emoticon: 

Soon after Ryan’s image was taken off, several people showed up on the emoticon.

Some of them were Myth, Granny, Gaules, Kahlief, etc. The last face that showed up on the pog emote was Spawn. However, these weren’t received properly, as mentioned above. 

Back in February 2021, Twitch conducted an online poll through its official Twitter handle.

This was meant to fix a permanent face to the pog champ emote.

Guess what! The results were so surprising, as the winner wasn’t any streamer’s face. Instead, a Komodo Dragon took the lead and became the permanent face of the pog emote.

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What does Pog mean on twitch
What Does Pog Mean on Twitch? 5

3. Present Face of Pog Emote: 

Most of you might have already used this emote. It is now quite famous as the Komodo Hype. Well, it has to happen!

As we know, the original pog emote was intended to create hype through the expressions.

In fact, pog is considered a Twitch hype emote.

Looks like the present face perfectly sets in with the requirement! 

The present pog emote or the Komodo Hype created more hype than the previous one ever since it became the permanent face of pog. The best thing about the Komodo Dragon’s image is its surprisingly huge maw seeming to be smiling and creating the exact look required for the pog emote.

This emote is used by numerous streamers each day on Twitch.