twitch turbo!

Are you one of those who love watching Twitch as an evening program on TV and therefore pay attention to quality? Of course, ad breaks are even more annoying - especially if your ad blocker proves to be unreliable. Twitch Turbo users are in the clear in this case; they enjoy freedom from advertising on the entire platform.

This is the biggest precedence of the subscription and also one of the most important differences to Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime). Curious to know what is it all about? Come let’s find out!

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is a monthly subscription to the live streaming portal that grants certain benefits in exchange for a monetary payment. These include ad-free playback and a chat badge. Unlike a subscription to a specific channel, Twitch Turbo directly supports the company and not individual streamers.

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The advantages

Twitch completely without advertising

At least that's the promise. Only the takeovers on the homepage are excluded. But as long-time users know, Twitch often experiments with broadcasting advertising clips to generate more revenue. For example, since the latest update (end of 2022), there are pre-and mid-roll ads that are no longer manually switched by the broadcaster, which caused some controversy.

As a Twitch Turbo user, you are fine with such problems. In addition, both Twitch partners and affiliates will receive any advertising revenue that is lost. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about your favorite streamer losing some of that support.

Exclusive twitch turbo badge

If you're chatting on Twitch and see a purple battery with a white lightning bolt icon in front of a name, you know that account is using Twitch Turbo. In larger streams, this might make you stand out a bit more from the crowd. You can optionally disable the badge.

Extended color palette for your name

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This feature also provides more individuality: If you want to change your display name or its color, you now have many more options to choose from. Instead of fixed standard colors, you will see three sliders to let your Hex Color Code shine. Chat color at Prime Gaming as well as Twitch Turbo

Additional saving options for streamers

For the advantages of Twitch Turbo mentioned so far, it doesn't matter if you do broadcasts yourself or limit yourself to watching. However, as a streamer, the subscription also allows you to save your VODs for up to 60 days instead of 14 days. In addition, you'll benefit from much better support in case of any problems.

More emotes for chat

Primary Twitch emotes like a simple smiley usually look like white robots. As a Twitch Turbo user, you can change it to purple glitch faces or rambunctious monkeys. This has no effect on specific channel emotes.

You can access this last feature just as well as a Prime Gaming subscriber. Otherwise, however, there are some differences between Twitch Turbo and Prime:

Twitch Turbo vs. Prime - What is the difference?

Complete Guide to Twitch Subscriptions: Everything You Need to Know

Unlike Prime Gaming, there is no direct connection to the parent company Amazon, for example. A Twitch Turbo subscription can therefore be purchased separately. With Prime Gaming, however, you have an Amazon Prime subscription included, which comes with many free games on Twitch as well as in-game-loot.

Unfortunately, this is missing with Twitch Turbo. On top of that, accounts with Prime Gaming get a crown as a chat badge. Hope this post unrevealed all that you could do with Twitch Turbo. Want to grow followers on Twitch? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now.