If you are active on Twitch, you must know that you can still watch the VODs of the stream after a broadcast ends. Generally, you will find them on the streamer’s channel. However, this might not be the case every time. Sometimes the VODs will be deleted ASAP by the user, or maybe Twitch deletes it for them.

old streams on Twitch
Does Twitch Delete Old Streams? Reasons Twitch Can Delete VoDs 4

How Long Does Old Stream or VoDs Stay on Twitch?

Vods or Old streams can stay on Twitch for 14 days for Twitch Affiliates and regular streamers. Before the time ends, users can download their VoDs, highlight them and make clips from them if they want to.

If you are a Prime user or a Twitch Partner, your VoDs will stay on Twitch for 60 days. After the time expires, past streams will be deleted by Twitch. 

A streamer can also delete the VoDs themselves before Twitch does. Streamers usually do this if their stream contains copyright music or any offensive content that can get them in trouble. 

Is There Any Way To Prevent Twitch From Deleting Old Streams?

You can prevent Twitch from deleting your old streams by turning the stream into a highlight. Twitch does not remove Twitch highlights, and they can stay for a long time. Another option is to download your streams.

How To Download VoDs?

If you want to download VoDs before Twitch deletes them for you, here’s how you can do it. 

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Step 1: Click on Creator Dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to Content and click on it.

Step 3: Select Video Producer.

Step 4: You will now see your past streams. Select the 3-dots, and they will be located on the right side of the VoD you want to save.

Step 5: Click Download.

Is There Any Way to Watch Deleted VoDs?

Once the VoD is deleted, there is no way you can watch them again, and they are gone forever. That’s why it’s highly advised to save your VoDs after your stream ends and in case you want to make clips out of it.

Twitch stores old streams
Does Twitch Delete Old Streams? Reasons Twitch Can Delete VoDs 5

You can have a lot of content on it. Instead of waiting for the last moment to work on it, you can work on it ASAP. You will get busy and forget about the VoD time, and before you notice, your VoD will be gone. 

These stream files are enormous, so it is recommended to have plenty of space before downloading them. 

How To Let Viewers Watch VoDs?

To let your viewers watch VoDs, you have to enable archiving on Twitch. Here’s how you can do it.

where to find old Twitch streams
Does Twitch Delete Old Streams? Reasons Twitch Can Delete VoDs 6

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Step 1: Go to Creator Dashboard and click on stream.

Step 2: Toggle on the Store Past Broadcasts setting. 

Step 3: Make sure to toggle on the Enable Clips setting.

What Are The Various Reasons Twitch Can Delete VoDs?

There are three main reasons Twitch will delete your VoDs for: 

  • First, the VoD duration expires.
  • Second, your stream/VoD violated Twitch’s TOS.
  • Third, the streamer was banned. 

The VoD Duration Expires

One of the most obvious reasons behind your deleted Vods is that it runs out of time. As we mentioned before, Twitch only lets users hold their VoDs for a particular time.

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Twitch servers are limited, and they do not want to overcrowd it. VoDs take so much space, so it is deleted from the servers. If you do not want to lose your VoDs, you need to save and download them.

Your Stream/VoD Violated Twitch’s TOS

There are times when a streamer knows that they have violated Twitch’s TOS. Usually, the most common violation of TOS is copyright music.

Streamers will play the music that has copyright, and since it is a violation of the TOS, Twitch will delete the VoD and give suspension to the streamer.  

The Streamer Was Banned

If the streamer is banned from the streaming platform, all of the VoDs and streamer info will be removed. However, if a streamer is suspended, you can still see their channel and VoDs. 

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Why Do Streamers Delete Their VoDs?

There are times when streamers will delete their Vods on their own. Usually, it is done so to avoid suspension. Streamers might break Twitch’s TOS, so they will have to remove the content. 

In 2021, Twitch started to suspend streamers who violated the DMCA. Playing copyrighted music on streams has always been illegal, but they have become more serious in recent times.

Earlier, Twitch would allow users to let them save the VoD that contains DMCA if they mute that part, but according to Twitch, it was not full proof enough. 

Several streamers started being careful. However, there are certain streamers now who will play music as much as they want to, and they will delete their VoDs later to avoid suspension. 

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Wrapping Up

Suppose you are a streamer and worry about your VoDs getting deleted. It is always advised to save it before it is gone forever. Also, make sure not to violate Twitch’s TOS as it can lead to suspension.

We hope that our article helped you understand why Twitch deletes VoDs, and how you should avoid getting suspended and losing your content. Have a great streaming experience.