Twitch is a significant and popular streaming platform, and it also comes with the ability to add extensions. There are more than 300 extensions available for Twitch. However, you can only add 6 extensions: one overlay, two components, and three panel extensions. 

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It is tough to choose the right extension for yourself, and it is not an easy decision. The key to having a successful stream is implementing the right extensions. They can help you make your stream engaging, and these unique tools can also help you gain more viewers. 

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This article will list down the must-have Twitch extensions for streamers. 

 Twitch Extension you need
Must-Have Twitch Extension For Every Twitch User 6

What's The Purpose Of Twitch Extensions?

In general, extensions help you in various ways over different platforms. For example, an Ad-blocker extension will block ads from a website. Twitch extensions were introduced in 2017, and it was added to enable the viewers to have more fun on Twitch.

Most of the extensions are developed by 3rd party services, and you can only use them on a desktop browser. There might be some extensions that you can use on your phone. 

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Why Should You Consider Using Twitch Extensions? 

Twitch extensions are a great bonus, and they make your watch experience better. These plugins are straightforward, and sometimes streams can get boring. To entertain your viewers, extensions can be added. 

These extensions can help to increase a streamer's revenue indirectly. Also, most of the time, it will improve interaction and engagement. You can add overlays to your streams to make them more attractive.

There are many functions of extensions, and it is an excellent way to attract more viewers. Using the right tool will help you to grow your Twitch channel. 

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How To Enable Twitch Extensions?

Twitch users must configure their Extension Manager when using extensions. You will be able to see all of your active extensions, and also, you will have to enable extensions after downloading them manually. 

Installing Extensions

Step 1: Open the Extension Manager.

Step 2: Click on Discovery Tab.

Step 3: Select any extension of your choice. You will be able to see many extensions based on their title, developer, and features. 

Step 4: Click on Install. 

After installing, you will get the option to configure the extension.

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Twitch Extension you can't do without
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It is essential to read the configuration. The configuration of each extension is different. 

Activating An Extension

Step 1: After configuring the extension, head over to My Extensions.

Step 2: Select anextension and click Activate. 

You can only activate 6 extensions at one time. 

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The Best Twitch Extensions

Whether you are a beginner or veteran streamer, these extensions will help you in various ways. 

Latest Followers

This Twitch extension helps you to see your latest followers. If you are a new streamer, you must thank each of your followers. You can view your followers' names and profile in this extension.

You can also view the number of followers you gained in a day. The best part about this extension is that it refreshes on its own. So that you can see all the new followers without missing out on any, it is free of cost.


Streamlabs cannot be counted as one extension as the app contains multiple extensions and widgets. It is an all-in-one tool, and you can download the widgets and use them as an extension.

You can find widgets such as Donation goals, Event List, Chatbox, Alert Box, Loyalty, etc. 

Twitch Now

Twitch is an excellent platform for streamers and viewers. There are many extensions for viewers as well. 

This extension gives you updates whenever your favorite channel and streamer go live. You will no longer have to open the Twitch website to see whether they are streaming or not. 

Prime Subscription and Loot Reminder

This extension is trendy among viewers as it gives a reminder whenever you have a Prime subscription and loot available. It is beneficial for users with Twitch prime as sometimes you forget about your prime and loot, and it goes to waste.

Mandatory Twitch Extension
Must-Have Twitch Extension For Every Twitch User 8

Sound Alerts

Sound Alerts is another extension used by thousands of Twitch users. This extension helps the user play a variety of sound effects from the library. You can put custom sounds for bits and reward others with badges. 

Streamers can use this tool to monetize their stream, but at the same time, viewers can have fun using it. 

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Every stream has a different extension, which makes each of the streams unique. Streamers have distinct ideas for entertaining their viewers. These are some must-have extensions for all the streamers, whether you are an aspiring or pro streamer. 

We hope that you will be able to have an entertaining stream after using these extensions.