The trendy streaming platform, Twitch allows users to watch Livestream videos of streamers. Streamers can broadcast themselves playing video games. Millions of viewers access Twitch every day, and you will never run out of content when browsing Twitch. It is a massive hub. So the real question arises, Is it safe for kids? 

Can kids watch Twitch
Is Twitch Safe For Kids? Keeping Your Child Safe On Twitch 4

Even though Twitch is a community for gamers, other channels and streamers engage in different content. Other streamers stream themselves making podcasts, IRL streams, cooking, music, etc. One of the most popular categories on Twitch is ‘Just Chatting.’ This is where you can sit back and chill and communicate with the streamer and other people in the chat box. 

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For non-gamers, Twitch might seem like a waste of time, and it might not be tempting them. Watching people stream and interact with others looks pretty dull to them. However, Twitch is a haven for gamers, and you can learn so much about the game you play from watching professionals and more. 

Can Kids Use Twitch?

Originally, Twitch was not built for kids, and there has been debate around the internet about how Twitch is spoiling underage kids. In reality, it is impossible to filter out kids from watching Twitch. In the end, the parents must filter out content for their kids. So it’s useless blaming Twitch for spoiling their kids. Parents can search for family-friendly tags for their kids, but it is better if they let their kids not use Twitch. 

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What Is The Age Requirement For Twitch?

To register for Twitch, you need to be at least 13. However, Common Sense Media doesn’t recommend and allow kids to use Twitch at younger 15. 

Twitch is free to download, and you can start watching content without any content. So, it’s hard for Twitch to monitor its users, and however, you need to register to Twitch for someone to live stream. 

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Even though it is free to use, there are specific ways to spend money on the streaming app. You can subscribe to your favorite streamer by buying a membership, and there are also donations and bits. 

Kids are smart these days, and they can spend money on Twitch without your consent, so it is advised to monitor their activity. 

Does Twitch Monitor Livestreams?

When it comes to Livestream, it is hard to monitor. Anything can happen in a Livestream. As there are no scripts for the streamer, nothing is predictable. Everything is live, and nothing is pre-recorded. Swearing and bad words are generally in all the Livestream as these streamers are not kids friendly. Streamers are responsible for moderating their broadcast, and they will assign moderators and bots to filter out racism, xenophobia or any toxicity from the chat room. 

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Can kids make use of Twitch
Is Twitch Safe For Kids? Keeping Your Child Safe On Twitch 5

Twitch streamers do their best not to break any guidelines, but there are times when they are broken as everything is live. When these cases happen, that’s where Twitch steps in. They can ban or suspend the streamer from Twitch for days, weeks, months, or permanently depending on what they did. There are thousands of streams going at a time, so sometimes, it is hard to moderate every offense. 

Users can clip the offense and share it on the internet, and Twitch can moderate and punish the streamer when they see it. These cases also happen usually. The internet is full of trolls and online bullies, and they will hide behind their keyboards and harass others. Usually, kids can learn these behaviors and project them too. Moderating the chat room is a must for every Twitch streamer. 

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How To Keep Your Child Safe On Twitch or While They are Watching Online Videos?

The easiest way to keep your child safe from watching adult content on the internet is to monitor their activity. But this is impossible for some parents, and some parents refuse to do it. Instead, after catching their kids watching 18+ streams on Twitch or any other video, they will blame the creators for spoiling their kids. 

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Parents need to implement strict rules for their kids. They need to monitor their watch activity. Spend time with your kids and see what they are watching. If they are watching any content that is not suitable for them, explain why it’s not good for them. 

Twitch for kids
Is Twitch Safe For Kids? Keeping Your Child Safe On Twitch 6

Have an open conversation with your kids. Talk to them about good values. Kids these days are always glued to YouTube or any other online app; it is impossible to monitor every activity. So, it’s better to communicate with them. Tell them what they can or cannot watch. Teach them about online harassment and bullies and how they can avoid them. 

Wrapping Up

Twitch is an excellent place for everyone to enjoy the content. Even for kids, it can be a safe place to watch their favorite video games. But as it is a live streaming platform, nothing is scripted, and it has some risks and is not safe for kids. Live contents are unpredictable, and anything can happen. 

Parents need to talk with their kids, and they should take age restrictions seriously. Communicate with them about what content is good for them and how they should avoid online bullies.