Twitch Prime is a great free feature that Twitch provides. It allows users to subscribe to any Twitch channel of their choice. You can claim certain perks from a channel when you subscribe to a channel. 


Do I need to pay for Twitch Prime
Is Twitch Prime Free? Perks Of Using Twitch Prime 5

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Even though you do not require to subscribe or pay to watch content on Twitch, it is free. Subscribing to a channel can improve your viewing experience as it has a few advantages. When you subscribe to a streamer, you directly support them economically. 

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Usually, you will have to pay to become a subscriber when you normally subscribe. But if you have a Twitch prime, it is free of cost. You will not have to spend any extra money. This will help you to watch the content without any interruption of ads. You can also claim Twitch Prime Loot. The loot can be claimed in-game, it offers in-game DLC, and you might also get free games. 

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How Does Twitch Prime Work?

Twitch Prime is very similar to Amazon Prime. However, instead of free shipping, you get one free subscription. You can also claim loot that consists of free games and in-game rewards. 

Does Twitch Prime cost money
Is Twitch Prime Free? Perks Of Using Twitch Prime 6

You do not have to buy Twitch Prime separately as it comes with Amazon Prime. So if you have Amazon Prime, don’t let your Twitch Prime go to waste. 

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What are The Perks Included in Twitch Prime?

If you are an avid Twitch viewer and love to spend your free time in the chatrooms, you will love Twitch Prime. 

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When you have Twitch Prime and you are subscribed to a streamer. You will get perks similar to the person who subscribed without a Prime, and the only difference will be that you subscribed for free. You will get certain perks such as badges, emotes, color, and more. 

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Chat badges will separate you from others in the chat box, showing that you are a Twitch Primer. The emotes you receive from a certain channel can be used in any channel on Twitch. The best part about being subscribed to a channel is getting an ad-free watch experience. Also, there might be certain exclusive perks that subs of a channel get, like private rooms, matchmaking with the stream, exclusive giveaways, and more. 

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However, not all ads are removed from a streamer. But with Twitch Prime, ads will be minimal. You can watch your favorite streamer knowing that you are part of their exclusive community; even though it is not much but you are helping them out. You are contributing to something good, and you are giving back and rewarding their efforts of entertaining you. 

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The membership comes with a free subscription to any streamer every month. Even though they are free, Amazon sends money to the streamer. 

Paying for Twitch Prime
Is Twitch Prime Free? Perks Of Using Twitch Prime 7

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How To Use Twitch Prime if You Have Amazon Prime?

It is very easy to claim Twitch Prime if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime. You will need to link your Twitch account with Amazon. 

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Follow the steps below to link both your account:

Step 1: Head over to Twitch Prime in your browser.

Step 2: Sign in to your Twitch account.

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Step 3: Select Connect your Twitch Account.

Step 4: Log in to your Amazon account.

Step 5: Sign in to your Twitch account again and click Confirm.

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You can also use Prime for free by signing up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. 

Twitch Prime DLC

The best part about using Twitch Prime is that you will be getting monthly perks. Perks come in the form of in-game rewards and DLCs. 

Each month you will be getting different rewards. You can get exclusive items on Valorant, such as a gun buddy or a Twitch hoodie which you claim in-game in Watch Dogs 2. There are many other benefits. Sometimes you will get early access to a game. It is overall a wonderful experience. 

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What is The Price of Twitch Prime?

Generally, Twitch Prime is free of cost as it comes with Amazon prime. You can also subscribe to a Twitch channel without Twitch prime. However, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime and enjoy its content, and at the same time, you get a free subscription. 

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Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month, and you get a free Twitch Prime with it. You can get different benefits from Amazon. 

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How Do Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime Work Together?

You cannot get Twitch Prime without Amazon Prime. You get an extra benefit when you subscribe to Amazon Prime, i.e., Twitch Prime. 

The best part about being subscribed to Prime is that you are looking for more content after you are done watching your favorite streamer. You can simply go to Amazon Prime and enjoy any movie or tv show. 

With Prime, you also get benefits such as a music streaming app, Kindle library, and one or two-day shipping on all orders.

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Overall, Twitch Prime is a great service that comes with Amazon Prime. You will not have to spend extra money to support your favorite subscriber.

You can use your Twitch Prime to avail you of a few perks such as subscribers-only chat or prime member chats, emotes, badges, etc.