Twitch has a user base of over millions. Various streamers broadcast different content such as IRL streams, gaming streams, cooking streams, and more. This might sound like it is not attractive, but the numbers don’t lie. The streamers get thousands of viewers, and Twitch has created a digital environment where creators and viewers can mingle together. 

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Amazon co-owns Twitch?
Making A Big Move: Is Twitch Owned By Amazon? 6

You might not know this, but Amazon owns Twitch. Yes! Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014. How can Amazon own gaming and live streaming platforms? If you are curious and want to know more about it. We are here to give you all the information. 

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Twitch Owned By Amazon

Does Amazon own Twitch?
Making A Big Move: Is Twitch Owned By Amazon? 7

Since 2014, Amazon, the parent company, has been looking after Twitch’s operation and benefiting from its profit and revenue. Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million, and it was a big move. 

Twitch has become a part of Amazon’s investment in the tech industry, and they have been growing their portfolio from retail to publishing to technology. As of now, Amazon’s assets are worth $500 billion. 

So What Exactly Is Twitch?

Before we mention more about Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch, some of you may be wondering or might have no clue about Twitch. You might even question Amazon’s decision to acquire Twitch. 

Twitch was established in 2011 as a gaming streaming platform. Since then, the platform has been growing, and it is reported that it gets over 35 million users every month. The popularity of Twitch started attracting investors, and Amazon was one of them. 

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The partnership with Amazon has benefited Twitch a lot. Since 2014, it has only seen profit and has grown to its maximum potential. It has defeated all of its competition, such as Mixer and YouTube Gaming, and twitch TV has become the desired platform for streamers and esports events. 

This streaming platform is unique in its way. There are gaming streams, but other streams, such as talk shows, cooking shows, and IRL streams. Twitch has been connecting people worldwide. 

It is free to download, and you can watch any stream for free. However, you can subscribe to Twitch partners to support what they are doing. You will also gain a few perks such as emotes, badges, etc. 

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Overall, the Amazon-owned platform continues to move upward. Its Partner Program has seen an increase of 68% since 2017. This proves that creators are using Twitch to broadcast their content, directly boosting the platform. 

What Was The Reason Behind Amazon’s Move?

Twitch was a rising platform, and many investors saw the potential of this company. Amazon was one of the companies that were interested in acquiring Twitch. Finally, in 2014 Amazon made a move of $970 million to purchase Twitch. 

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In the next two years, Twitch grew more, and it attracted more viewers and investors. Before Amazon closed the deal with Twitch, it was reported that YouTube was also planning to buy Twitch. was the OG live streaming platform. But it started going downhill because of Twitch’s popularity. Every streamer was switching to Twitch, and it attracted a lot of creators. 

Acquiring Twitch has been one of the most significant moves of Amazon, and the streaming platform doesn’t seem to stop growing.

Amazon has also provided its Prime users with Twitch Prime to subscribe to their favorite streamer every month for free. 

Is There Any Chance of Amazon Selling Twitch?

Right now, the chances are negative that Amazon will sell Twitch as Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming platforms. Also, Amazon tends to retain its companies and invest in them for future growth, and they hardly sell them. 

Amazon is one of the top tech and retail companies worldwide. So it is just expected that instead of selling it off, they rather keep growing the company. There’s only a chance of selling Twitch, only if Amazon as a company is struggling. 

As long as Twitch is making a profit and the parent company keeps growing, they will not sell the streaming platform. 

Is There Any Chance of Amazon Selling Twitch?
Making A Big Move: Is Twitch Owned By Amazon? 8

However, there are reports that Amazon might license out the platform instead of selling Twitch to other companies. They haven’t started doing it, which might be a move to monetize it further. 

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Amazon is a company that has enjoyed success due to its visionary leadership and investments. Maybe one day they will Twitch. But no doubt, Twitch’s takeover was a success for Amazon. 

Has Amazon Invested in Other Tech Companies?

Twitch is only one of the few companies that Amazon has invested in. The retail and tech giant has invested in many other tech companies as they like to build a portfolio. 

Since 1994, Amazon has acquired more than 100 companies. Twitch is not the only big purchase, and there are others too. 

For instance, Amazon bought the robotic manufacturer Kiva systems for $775 million and the smart doorbell company for $1.2 billion. The retail giant also owns companies like Whole Foods, Zappos, and more. 


Since Amazon acquired Twitch, the streaming platform has increased its popularity and has grown in value, and the company is now worth $15 billion. 

Thousands of streamers and millions of viewers have helped Twitch become the most popular streaming platform, and Twitch has created a digital community for them. 

It is safe to say that the acquisition of Twitch by Amazon was an intelligent move that profited both companies.