Twitch’s streaming platform is becoming popular day by day, and it has become the highest-grossing live video streaming platform. To simplify, Twitch is a platform where content creators and streamers go live to interact with their viewers by broadcasting themselves, playing games, and more stuff. 


Get Twitch On Roku
Is Twitch On Roku TV? Unlimited Possibilities Await You 35

The application is available on all devices. However, it is not officially available on Roku. It is strange as Roku is a well-known streaming device, and you expect the device to have all of your favorite streaming apps. It can be annoying, but you will be happy to know that there are certain ways you can access Twitch on Roku. 

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Is Twitch Available On Roku?

Earlier, Twitch was officially available on Roku, but it was pulled out from the official Roku store by Amazon. It was removed from Roku because Amazon wanted to attract more people to its streaming device, Firestick. 

This move was made when people were stuck at home because of the coronavirus. Instead of enjoying and relaxing by watching Twitch on Roku, everyone was disappointed. However, some alternative ways were found by Roku users that enabled you to unofficially use Twitch on Roku. 

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Is It Possible to Watch Twitch on Roku?

You cannot officially watch Twitch on Roku anymore. People had to find alternatives, and they found unofficial ways to use Twitch on Roku. 

Access Twitch On Roku
Is Twitch On Roku TV? Unlimited Possibilities Await You 36

If you still haven’t found any ways to run Twitch on Roku and are desperate to run it, you can try these alternate ways that we will provide below. So do not give up yet and switch to your small screens.

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How To Unofficially Access Twitch On Roku TV?

You have to no longer watch Twitch on your mobile devices, and you can not use Twitch on Roku using these methods. They are effective and work smoothly, and these methods are being used by thousands of users worldwide.

  1. The First Method is by using an unofficial channel. 
  2. The Second Method is by using Screen Mirroring. 

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Watching Twitch On Roku Using An Unofficial Channel

You can access Twitch and enjoy watching your favorite streamers using Roku channels. It is a straightforward method, and there are two ways to use it.

Connecting to the Official Twitch Channel

You cannot download Twitch on Roku anymore. However, you can still add Twitch channels manually on your device. Follow the steps below to link Twitch channel.

Roku hosts Twitch
Is Twitch On Roku TV? Unlimited Possibilities Await You 37

Step 1: Head over to the official website of Roku on your desktop’s browser.

Step 2: Log in to your account, navigate your profile icon, and click My Account.

Step 3: Select Manage Account Selection.

Step 4: Click on Add Channel With a Code.

Step 5: In the text box, type TWITCHTV. 

Step 6: Complete the Captcha code and click on OK.

Step 7: Select Yes and add the channel on the next window.

You will be able to watch Twitch streams officially even though you have manually added the channel.

Step 8: Launch the channel which was added to your device.

Step 9: Twitch’s prompt will open. Click on Add channel. 

Step 10: Fill in your verification code and click OK. 

You will now be able to watch Twitch on Roku.

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Adding TWOKU channel on Roku

Sometimes the official channel may not work due to technical reasons. But fret not! You can use TWOKU, an unofficial private channel, to add Twitch on Roku.  

Here’s how you can add TWOKU on Roku to access Twitch. 

Step 1: Open the Roku website on your web browser using a desktop. 

Step 2: Sign in to your account.

Step 3: Click on your profile icon.

Step 4: Navigate to My Account and select Add Channel with a code. 

Step 5: In the search box, type in TWOKU.