In the popular streaming platform, Twitch, viewers and broadcasters can interact. The platform makes sure that they provide features that will entertain its users.

1 3 How Twitch Drops Work: Where And How To Claim The In-Game Rewards?
How Twitch Drops Work: Where And How To Claim The In-Game Rewards? 5

Twitch drops are one of the features implemented by Twitch. It works in a great way to get traffic and helps to connect streamers, gaming communities, and game companies fantastically. Drops on Twitch have become a convenient way for game developers to promote their games on Twitch by sponsoring a streamer and giving drops to the viewers. 

Drops are like a reward for the viewers, which they get from watching a Twitch channel that has been sponsored. A viewer can earn these drops by doing specific tasks on the platform. Sometimes you will get drops from watching an Esports event such as League of Legends or Overwatch. 

It is implemented to create hype around the game, which helps promote it. Twitch drops are relatively new; we are here to help you understand them. We will provide you with all the information that you need.

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How Do These Drops Work?

Twitch viewers need to know that you will not be getting drops from all the channels, and you will be getting drops from only specific channels. 

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Twitch drops are rare rewards given to viewers from gaming companies through Twitch to promote their launch. Usually, these rewards can only be redeemed in-game. 

The workings of Twitch Drops
How Twitch Drops Work: Where And How To Claim The In-Game Rewards? 6

We will have to understand how Twitch drops from various perspectives.

The First One Is From A Viewer’s Perspective.

A viewer can get these drops just by watching a stream or completing a task like following a page or giving a post. This will benefit the company as well as the streamer. It’s an easy way to get a rare item. 

Secondly, A Streamer’s Perspective.

Streamers can easily gain viewers and increase their brand by having Twitch drops on their stream. 

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Last Is From A Company’s Perspective.

Twitch drops are one of the easiest and most effective ways of promoting a new game for a gaming company. If the streamer does the right job and is having fun while playing the game, the game is bound to have a lot of traffic. 

Why Do Gaming Companies Promote Themselves On Twitch?

If you are an avid watcher of Twitch, you must know that whenever a streamer has drops enabled in their streams, you will always see that they are getting viewership in thousands. Gaming companies promote themselves on Twitch because it is very easy and convenient for them, as Twitch’s interfaces and drops help them in various ways. 

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Twitch drops campaigns have to meet certain terms before sending them out to viewers. Gaming companies must consider these things before running a gaming campaign.

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It Is Necessary To Choose The Right Streamer

Streamers cannot distribute drops on their own. Usually, for a streamer to enable drops, they need to be sponsored and contacted by game developers. 

This is How Twitch Drops Work
How Twitch Drops Work: Where And How To Claim The In-Game Rewards? 7

Usually, when you have a channel that has drops enabled, it is safe to say that a company sponsors them. 

It is also important for companies to choose the right streamers with the right audience. If you are going to promote an FPS game, you need to choose streamers who play FPS games or who are engaged in various content. Also, try to choose a streamer who is also an influencer

Timing Of The Drop

Timing plays an important role. If the drops have been enabled to promote a new game, or is it to gain an audience for an already released game?

How many drops will each viewer get? Whether they promote the game is for all the platforms? Many factors need to be taken into account for 

Companies should analyze their event properly before putting out the Twitch drops campaign. 

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Twitch Drops T&C

Gaming companies and streamers need to check the Twitch Drops T&C before campaigning. Not all games have the feature of giving out drops. 

Since these are advertisements, it has to follow certain rules.

How Do Twitch Viewers Claim The Drops?

All of the Twitch drops are in-game rewards. So, it is important to link your Twitch account with the game account. 

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For example, if you want to claim a Twitch drop on Valorant, you must connect your Riot Games account with Twitch. Then, you will be able to claim the reward in-game.

There are two types of drops, and we will discuss them below. 

Time-Based Twitch Drops

You can earn drops by simply watching the stream. For example, you need to watch the stream for 2 hours to claim a drop. Once you have watched the stream for 2 hours, you can claim the drop. 

You will get the option to ‘Claim Drop’; you can click on it. 

Mission-Based Drops

You will need to complete a mission on stream or in-game to claim these drops. When you are done with the mission, you will meet certain requirements, and you can claim the drop.  

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Where To Access The Drops?

All of the drops you have claimed can be accessed in your Twitch inventory. However, you will be able to claim it in-game since it is a game reward. 


Twitch drops are a great way to promote a game for the developers. It directly benefits the streamers with an increase in their viewership, and viewers get to earn rare free rewards, and all of the parties gain something from it. 

It is funny to watch your favorite streamer and games on Twitch. You will be able to learn more about the new game and be good at it by engaging with the stream.